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GitHub Hyperlinking and Searching

GitHub Hyperlinking and Searching

A GitHub Training presentation on nearly all of the information accessibility features of GitHub. This includes:

* At-mentions
* Issue links
* Commit message Issue-state and PR-state triggers.


Matthew McCullough

June 17, 2013

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  1. GITHUB HYPERLINKING AND SEARCHING For Greater Information Accessibility

  2. @mentions

  3. Links to other issues by number

  4. Cross-repository references

  5. Automatic reverse- linking from Issue mentions

  6. Auto-closing of issues with commit messages

  7. Auto-closing of PRs with merged commit messages

  8. Commit message behavior on master branch versus topic branch

  9. Team mentions and behavior

  10. Subscription to Issues

  11. Subscription to repos

  12. Global subscription toggle

  13. Unique emails per org in account settings

  14. Verified email address feature

  15. Commit message emails versus GitHub email address

  16. Email post-receive hook

  17. training.github.com

  18. teach.github.com/classnotes