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Getting started with WordPress

Getting started with WordPress

A lightning round of slides discussing the basics of publishing content using WordPress and WooThemes.

Originally presented at the Code4CT event in Cape Town, to grade 10 and 11 high school girls.


Matty Cohen

July 07, 2014

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  1. Hi. :)

  2. Who Are We? We are WordPress enthusiasts, who also happen

    to be web developers, musicians and work at WooThemes, the most awesome WordPress company on the planet.
  3. Who Are You? Lets take a few minutes to get

    to know a bit about one another.
  4. What is WooThemes? A market leader in WordPress products. Developers

    of premium WordPress solutions to help businesses solve real issues for their clients.
  5. We <3 WordPress.

  6. What is WordPress? An open-sourced content management system, empowering approximately

    20% of the internet to share their voice.
 Fully customisable and extendable with themes and plugins, and easy to use.
  7. Lets dive right in. Posts, Pages, Menus, Widgets… oh my!

  8. Setting up WordPress. Lets get this show on the road,

    shall we? Login to your web hosting, find the script installer and click “WordPress”. For manual installation instructions, visit http://codex.wordpress.org/.
  9. Posts. The heart and soul of WordPress; blogging. Login to

    WordPress and click Posts on the left-side menu. Click Add New.
  10. Pages. Tell your readers a bit more about you, or

    how to contact you. Login to WordPress and click Pages on the left-side menu. Click Add New.
  11. Menus. Navigation is important. Help your readers to navigate your

    website. Login to WordPress and visit Appearance > Menus on the left-side menu. Click create a new menu, drag items to your menu and click Save Menu.
  12. Widgets. Small pieces of information, displayed next to your content

    Login to WordPress and visit Appearance > Widgets on the left-side menu. Drag widgets into the appropriate widget area and tweak as desired.
  13. Themes. What your website will looks like. Make it your

    own. Login to WordPress and visit Appearance > Themes on the left-side menu. Select your desired theme and click Activate.
  14. Stylish Themes. A few theme recommendations, to suit your taste.

    “Highwind” “Twenty Twelve” “Twenty Eleven” “Twenty Thirteen” “Mystile” “Wootique” “Bueno” “Swatch”
  15. Plugins. Extend WordPress with any feature you desire. Login to

    WordPress and visit Plugins > Add New on the left-side menu. Search for your desired feature and click Activate.
  16. Useful Plugins. A few plugins we’d like to recommend, which

    we find useful. “CSS” “WordPress SEO” “Cookies for Comments” “Easy Google Fonts” “W3 Total Cache” “WooCommerce” “Testimonials by WooThemes” “Our Team by WooThemes” “Projects by WooThemes” “Features by WooThemes” “Archives by WooThemes” “WooSidebars”
  17. –Thomas Edison “Vision, without execution, is a hallucination.”

  18. Lets talk. We’re here to help. Lets open the floor

    to any questions anyone wants to discuss.
  19. Thank You. Matt Cohen & Hugh Lashbrooke. @mattyza & @hlashbrooke

    wpcapetown.co.za woothemes.com