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erlang.pl demo day, 31 May 2017

erlang.pl demo day, 31 May 2017

During this Erlang Performance Lab Demo Day we present details of the GSoC'17 project.

Michał Ślaski

May 31, 2017

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  1. WHAT IS ERLANG.PL • Tool for the BEAM platform (a.k.a.

    Erlang VM) • Helps with system exploration • Exploits benefits of traceability • Aims at facilitating developer's work
  2. GOOGLE SUMMER OF CODE • Kacper Mentel @ Beam Community

    https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/projects/#5695385677856768 • Visualising ETS characteristics • new view provided by epl_ets plugin • cluster, node, ETS details
  3. EPL_ETS CLUSTER VIEW • Renders all nodes in the cluster

    • Each node shows basic ETS info • number of ETS tables • ETS memory usage
  4. EPL_ETS NODE VIEW • Renders all ETS tables present on

    the node • ETS characteristics encoded visually • lock contention • memory fragmentation
  5. EPL_ETS DETAILED VIEW • Focuses on particular ETS table •

    Renders all processes that read / write to it • ets:info(Tab) • other relevant metrics