GASPing Toward the Future: A Look at What’s In Store for Scrum

008d9a555e3c3d1962761425b0e65a1e?s=47 Mike Cohn
October 24, 2012

GASPing Toward the Future: A Look at What’s In Store for Scrum

Scrum has never sat still. It evolves. One team tries something new, and it works so another team tries it. The ideas that succeed most often become part of Scrum and are embraced by new teams. In this presentation, Scrum Alliance co-founder and leading agile author Mike Cohn describes ideas that could be on the verge of becoming Generally Accepted Scrum Practices, including Continuous Delivery, a Backlog Grooming meeting, and Definition of Ready. Along the way, he provides guidance on whether you should consider embracing each of these new practices and will present a glimpse into the future of Scrum.


Mike Cohn

October 24, 2012


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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 1 GASPing Toward the Future:

    What’s in Store for Scrum? Mike Cohn Agile San Diego October 23, 2012 1
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 2 Reviews Wish Lists Product

    backlog Sprint goal Gift Wrap Cancel Sprint backlog Up to 1 month Potentially shippable product increment Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective Scrum 2
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 3 I’ve just thought of

    a great way my team can improve! I’ll tell them about it next week. 3
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 4 Quick Overview of Scrum

    1 Two Trends Driving Change 2 GASPing Toward the Future 3 4
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 7 “My students are in

    total control of their learning and they seemed to be annoyed with me when I have to tell them to stop. My students would scrum all day if I let them. In fact they try to, but I have to tell them we have other things to get done first. I call them ‘my little scrum monsters’ because they have grown so much and they are scrum crazy.” Kim Mills, CSM, 4th grade teacher “My little Scrum monsters” 7
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 8 ‣ Validated learning over

    opinions and conventions ‣ Customer focused collaboration over silos and hierarchy ‣ Adaptive and iterative campaigns over Big-Bang campaigns Marketing Source: © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 8
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 9 ‣ The process of

    customer discovery over static prediction ‣ Flexible vs. rigid planning ‣ Responding to change over following a plan ‣ Many small experiments over a few large bets © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 9
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 12 “Should You Build Strategy

    Like You Build Software?” MIT Sloan Management Review, Spring 2008. ‣ Quarterly strategy sprints ‣ 45 managers and employees from all parts and levels of the company ‣ )E<60.88E612:@63EJB2?@>.@2460@5292? ‣ (<206J092.?A>./826:6@6.@6B2?C6@56:2.05@5292 ‣ Detailed action plans with measurable outcomes 12
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 13 Construction Lean Construction )

    Collaborative design ) Iterate ) Structure work to maximize value and reduce waste ) Focus on total value rather than reducing cost ) Make things happen rather than just monitor 13
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 15 Quick Overview of Scrum

    1 Two Trends Driving Change 2 GASPing Toward the Future 3 Scrum Beyond Software More Frequent Releases 15
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 19 1995 “Amazing!” 2012 “Why

    would I wait 30 days?” 2007 “Acceptable.” 2002 “Nice!” “Boss, we’ll give you working software in 30 days.” 19
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 20 What used to be

    impressive has become commonplace. © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 20
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 21 Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration

    Continuous Deployment System is built (and tested) whenever code is checked in System is delivered to the business on every check-in and could be easily released if desired System is released to users after every good build A Fairly Predictable Progression 21
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 22 Quick Overview of Scrum

    Two Trends Driving Change GASPing Toward the Future 1 2 3 22
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 24 Example Rules ‣ Sprints

    cannot be longer than a month. ‣ Get together at the start of the ?<>6:@.:1J4A>2;A@C5.@E;AI88 do in the sprint. ‣ Be “done” with something by the end of each sprint. Do these or else! 24
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 25 “If I’d foowed a

    the rules, I’d never have goen anywhere.” 25
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 26 Test-Driven Development Pair Programming

    User Stories Backlog Grooming +" of Done Don’t Start on Monday Sprint 0 A Lot More Than the Rules Task Boards 26
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software 27 Rules ‣If you aren’t

    doing these, you aren’t doing Scrum Good Ideas ‣Any idea a Scrum team 0;A81/2:2J@ from knowing GASPs ‣Generally Accepted Scrum Practices ‣A practice every Scrum team or ScrumMaster should know, even if they don’t do it ‣GASPs can be 1;9.6:?<206J0 27
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    28 Good Ideas GASPs Software- Specific GASPs Test-Driven Development User

    Stories Pair Programming Backlog Grooming Don’t Start on Monday Sprint 0 Task Boards 28
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  21. 32.

    32 Core Scrum GASPs From GASP to Core Scrum +"

    +" ' Product Backlog Grooming Meeting 32
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    33 “The smallest quantity of some physical property, such as

    energy, that a system can possess.” Quantum 33
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    © Copyright Mountain Goat Software Yearly Weekly Monthly Quarterly Hourly

    Daily 34 + Developer testing + Daily scrum − Design documents − Change requests − Analyst team − Build team .?E>;88/.07?;>JD2? + A/B testing − Staging − Operations team − Daily scrum − Sprint review + Live, 2-way data migration + Temporary branches + Keystoning − Multiple deployed versions − Test team − Release branch − Patches − Upfront UI design + Automated tests + Refactoring + Continuous integration ??? Reference: Software G Forces: The Effects of Acceleration by Kent Beck 34
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    35 Summary of Predictions ‣ Scrum will continue expanding outside

    software ‣ Releases will occur much more frequently ‣ Scrum’s “Body of Knowledge” will be collected (at least informally) as a set of rules, Generally Accepted Scrum Practices (GASPs), and plain ol’ good ideas ‣ ;8820@6;:?;3(%?C688/2612:@6J213;>16332>2:@ domains and niches so we have Software Development Scrum, Hardware Scrum, Marketing Scrum, Quantum Scrum, and so on 35
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    Scrum Will Always Remain a Framework “When forced to work

    within a strict framework the imagination is taxed to its utmost—and wil produce its richest ideas. Given total fredom the work is likely to sprawl.” 36 36