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Principles of Art

January 31, 2013

Principles of Art


January 31, 2013

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  1. Learning  to  Look:     The  Principles  of  Design  

    Reading:   Ar,orms,  58-­‐77     Terms/Concepts:   Principles  of  Design,   composi<on,  balance,   emphasis,  subordina<on,   asymmetrical  balance,   symmetrical  balance,  rhythm,   repe<<on,  paAern,  flow,   direc<onal  forces,  scale,   propor<on,  unity,  variety,   dynamic  balancing,  contrast,   focal  point.  
  2. Shape   Mass   Space   Line   Color  

    Light   Texture   Elements  of  Design   Time  &  Mo<on  
  3. Composi<on   Shape   Space   how  shapes  are  arranged

     in  space.   =   +   horizontal  axis  
  4. Balance   The  achievement  of  equilibrium,  in  which  ac<ng  

    influences  are  held  in  check  by  opposing  forces.  
  5. Asymmetrical  Balance   Balance   Cool   Warm   Cool

      Warm   Cool   Warm   Cool   Neutral  
  6. Scale   the  size  of  an  object  or  element  of

     a   composi<on  in  rela<on  to  another.   Propor<on  
  7. Scale   the  size  rela<on  of  one  thing  to  another

     or   the  parts  to  the  whole.   Propor<on  
  8. Rhythm   Repe<<on   The  repeated  use  of  visual  elements

     that  contribute  to  a   sense  of  unity,  con<nuity,  flow,  and  emphasis.  
  9. Rhythm   Repe<<on   any  kind  of  movement  or  structure

     of  dominant   and  subordinate  elements  in  sequence.  
  10. Instruc<ons  are  on  Blackboard  under  “Assignments.”   Reminder:  Learning  to

     Look  is  due  NEXT   Thursday  Feb.  7th  on  Blackboard  or  in   class