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Workflow for the National Geographic World Atlas Mobile App

Workflow for the National Geographic World Atlas Mobile App

Rosemary Wardley, National Geographic Maps
Steve Gifford, Mousebird Mobile

Nathaniel V. KELSO

October 16, 2015

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  1. Introduction World Atlas App Previous versions & Problems Goals for

    new app Data production Data processing Conclusions
  2. World Atlas App for iPhone/iPad Digital & Interactive Atlas Political

    basemaps Flags & Facts Search Index Statistical Overlays Distance Calculator
  3. Goals  for  World  Atlas  v.4 Tighter  control  over  the  data

     for  editorial  purposes   Leverage  more  of  our  databases   Reduce  the  amount  of  custom  processing   Fit  into  evolving  Editorial/Production  workflow   App  data  that  is  easier  to  update  &  replicate   Maintain  NG  brand  identity     Add  flexibility  &  reduce  size  of  the  App   Hybrid  Raster  &  Vector  process
  4. Inputs:  Standard  Carto  Datasets 75  Million   Zooms  0-­‐2 40

     Million   Zooms  2-­‐4 20  Million   Zooms  5-­‐6 10  Million   Zooms  7-­‐8
  5. Why Vectors? Image Artifacts Blurry text & symbols Tile edge

    discontinuities Size Images are big Vectors are small Selection Data Tapping logic simpler
  6. Vector Processing Symbols Points from GIS database Both visual and

    selection Text Extracted from PDF Purely visual Boundaries Areals from GIS database Invisible, just for selection
  7. Text Extraction Parse the PDF Need for each character Location

    Rotation Size Font Output to Shapefile
  8. How did it go? App is released and working Text

    is Sharp Symbols are Sharp Data size is way down Old app: 500MB per layer New app:75MB per layer