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Public transport apps - end user statistics; Juha Lundan, Frostwoods Oy

Public transport apps - end user statistics; Juha Lundan, Frostwoods Oy

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  1. frostwoods.cc
    Public Transport Applications -
    End User Statistics
    Case: data.itsfactory.fi
    Juha Lundan, Frostwoods Oy

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  2. frostwoods.cc

    data.itsfactory.fi serves various public transport related data
    to developers and organizations
    – SIRI Vehicle Monitoring

    JSON, XML over HTTP
    – GTFS

    ASCII files in ZIP archive, downloadable with browser
    – GTFS-RT Vehicle Positions

    JSON over HTTP and Google Protocol Buffers (binary, downloadable by

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  3. frostwoods.cc

    To develop the service further, we wanted to know
    – How much data our server was delivering to our clients
    – Which data was mostly used

    In addition, we were interested in
    – Who was using our data (broad strokes)
    – Were there any usage patterns

    We didn't want to pay much. =)

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  4. frostwoods.cc

    First we were thinking that we would implement custom
    statistics logic: use a database, record requests as they arrive

    – All our data was on top of HTTP
    – We were anyways using Apache to handle or proxy all our requests
    – Apache logs every request that comes in, so why not use that?

    We ended up using AWStats

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  5. frostwoods.cc

    Is Open Source Software, no costs to use

    Reads Apache web server logs, and produces reports based on
    those. Has a report interface, too.
    – Overall request statistics
    – Breakdowns by time (year, month etc..), URL and countries
    – And a lot more

    We set that up, and put it where everyone can see it. =)


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  6. frostwoods.cc
    Some figures from data.itsfactory.fi

    During April 2014
    – 2,9 million data requests
    – 36 000 unique visitors
    – 2300 unique visitors per day
    – Total amount of data requested: 113 Gigabytes

    Most of the requests coming from Finland, Germany is next followed by
    Austria, United States and Netherlands

    Usage increases during mornings and peaks during afternoon
    – Usage is low during nights, when only servers are awake. =)

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