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定量評価疲弊しませんか?~Well-beingと生産性指標を組み合わせた エンジニアリングメトリクスプログラムについて~

定量評価疲弊しませんか?~Well-beingと生産性指標を組み合わせた エンジニアリングメトリクスプログラムについて~

Developers Summit 2023 登壇資料




Offers MGR(オファーズマネージャー):https://offers-mgr.com/lp
Offers Tech Blog: https://zenn.dev/offers

overflow ,Inc

February 09, 2023

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  1. 3

  2. 4 Introduction = (Developer Productivity) Source lines of code (SLOC)

    PR d/d/d (deploys/ a day / a developer) FourKeys
  3. 13 Development Organization Offers toC Offers toB Offers MGR Enabling/Core

    Design PO/PdM Dev/Tech Lead Data Analysts Engineers Designers 兼務 兼務 兼務 =Flexible = Full
  4. d/d/d (deploys/ a day / a developer) Our history &

    issues 20 頻 0.1 (0.5 ~ 1.0 ) = = or = 頻 https://itrevolution.com/product/accelerate/
  5. d/d/d (deploys/ a day / a developer) Our history &

    issues 22 pros cons e.g. or 頻
  6. SPACE Current solution 40 1 5 Satisfaction and well being

    Performance Activity Communication and collaboration Efficiency and flow
  7. SPACE - Satisfaction and well being Current solution 44 Satisfaction

    and well being Satisfaction How fulfilled developers feel with their work, team, tools, or culture Well-being How healthy and happy they are, and how their work impacts it e.g.) e.g.) CI/CD pipeline
  8. Activity a count of actions or outputs completed in the

    course of performing work SPACE - Activity Current solution 46 Activity PR FourKeys (FourKeys
  9. Communication and collaboration how people and teams communicate and work

    together SPACE - Communication and collaboration Current solution 47 Communication and collaboration
  10. Efficiency and flow capture the ability to complete work or

    make progress on it with minimal interruptions or delays, whether individually or through a system SPACE - Efficiency and flow Current solution 48 Efficiency and flow e.g.) MTG MTG Velocity CI/CD
  11. Satisfaction and well being SPACE - - Current solution 50

    Communication and collaboration Activity FourKeys/SLO PR ⾒
  12. for the next 57 Review to Merge Time (RTMT) PR

    PR 01 Time before delivery production 02 Time in progress open release ⾒ 03 Time in phase QA 04 Flow control 05