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Lifting the lid on my latest project to make conferences more eco-friendly, as well as some other ideas to encourage green thinking on the Web.


Paul Robert Lloyd

April 18, 2009


  1. Welcome! The Multipack Presents: Being Green

  2. This Annoyed Me…

  3. The SXSW ‘Big Bag’ Photo Eric Hodel:

  4. The SXSW ‘Big Bag’ Photo Joey Parsons:

  5. The Response?

  6. Cool! Free Shit! Photo Julian Joseph:

  7. When it comes to the environment, we’re some of the

    worst offenders
  8. Jetting around the world to attend conferences and social events

    Using tools that consume lots of energy, leaving them on when no longer needed Always upgrading to the latest hardware Building sites that use inefficient code (linking to libraries and frameworks)
  9. Yet, we have the skills and tools to make a

  10. Design interfaces that are easy to use Build websites accessible

    to all Organise communities and build networks
  11. So What Can We Do?


  13. A grassroots coalition of web developers working together to reduce

    our industry’s impact on the environment
  14. Build products that encourage and/or help people become more environmentally

    friendly Promote individuals and companies that are setting good examples Campaign against those that are not
  15. Think: The Web Standards Project yet not promoting standards, but

    encouraging people within our industry to reduce their impact on the environment
  16. @agreenfocus

  17. Initial Ideas

  18. Carbon Pledge: Like TweetCC but for signing environmental commitments instead

    of content licences Petitions: Encourage conference organisers to stop providing swag Wasteful Commons: A library of photos & video that document examples of waste Blog Meme: 10 Green Things
  19. I Need Your Help Obviously!

  20. Web E-mail Twitter @paulrobertlloyd