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Flex Provider Roundtable #1: ENA Open Networks Project

May 16, 2021

Flex Provider Roundtable #1: ENA Open Networks Project

Farina Farrier – Head of Open Networks
Avi Aithal – Open Networks Technical Lead


May 16, 2021

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  1. ENA Open Networks Project 1 Farina Farrier – Head of

    Open Networks Avi Aithal – Open Networks Technical Lead
  2. About ENA 2 Energy Networks Association (ENA) represents the ‘wires

    and pipes’ transmission and distribution network operators for gas and electricity in the UK and Ireland. ENAs overriding goals are to promote the UK and Ireland energy networks ensuring our networks are the safest, most reliable, most efficient and sustainable in the world.
  3. ENA’s Open Networks Project Started in 2017, Open Networks is

    working with the networks and industry to lead the transition to a smart and flexible energy system that will enable net zero. 3 Areas of focus Whole Energy Systems Flexibility Services T D Planning Connections DSO Transition Comms & Stakeholder Engagement Open Networks is delivering a smart Grid by: ✓ Opening local flexibility markets to demand response and renewable energy ✓ Helping customers connect faster ✓ Opening data to enable customers identify best locations to invest ✓ Delivering efficiencies between network companies to operate secure and efficient networks Collaboration Standardisation Simplification Open Networks Approach Transparency Fairness
  4. Flexibility Workstream & Consultation We have identified 9 products for

    delivery this year and will be undertaking an 8 week consultation in July and in August. 5 Enhancing Common Evaluation Methodology and Tool (P1)* Procurement Process (P2) Common contract for flexibility services (P4)* Principles to review legacy ANM Contracts (P3)* Facilitation of Non-DSO Services such as peer to peer trading, and sharing of capacity (P6)* Primacy Rules for Service Conflicts (P5) Baselining flexibility services (P7) Curtailment information (P9)* Apportioning curtailment risk (P8)* * Indicates key products prioritised for resourcing and delivery
  5. Procurement timelines 7 **However, in some instances constraints may require

    shorter procurement timescales as a reaction to network issues Delivery window Perform asset testing Contract execution Close tender Publish tender Publish requirement Signpost requirement Autumn tender Spring tender Signpost requirement Publish requirement Publish tender Close tender Contract execution Perform asset testing Delivery window
  6. Procurement assessment stages 8 Delivery window Perform asset testing Contract

    execution Close tender Publish tender Publish requirement Signpost requirement Assessment Criteria 1. PQQ Commercial Assessment 2. PQQ Technical Assessment 3,4. Commercial & Technical scoring
  7. Recommendations for 2021 and 2022 In 2021, this product will

    focus on delivering further alignment between all DNO’s and ESO processes and specifically the aspect below: – Alignment of procurement timelines, including with the ESO – In 2020, DNOs consulted stakeholders on the benefits of converging on procurement windows. In 2021, these will be implemented and the group will build on this work to consider alignment with ESO procurement cycles. Where it is not possible to do so, this product will clearly capture the rationale. In 2022, this product will continue its work on the PQQ process and ITT Assessment Criteria outlined below: – Alignment on Prequalification process and requirements - Based on work done in 2020, DNOs are now aligned on the use and timing stages of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires. Building on this work the product will undertake further work to deliver alignment on the prequalification requirements across both T & D and simplify them where possible. – Refine ITT assessment criteria identified in 2020 to make it more inclusive of all technologies (as per feedback from Jul 20 Consultation) and utilise the Common Evaluation Methodology tool (WS1A P1). 9
  8. Useful Links 10 Project Scope for 2021 Flexibility Timeline Stakeholder

    events & supporting material 2020 End of Year report Work plan consultation Flexibility Roadmap We welcome feedback and your input
  9. Energy Networks Association 4 More London Riverside London SE1 2AU

    t. +44 (0)20 7706 5100 @EnergyNetworks energynetworks.org Energy Networks Association Limited is a company registered in England & Wales No. 04832301 Registered office: 4 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AU © ENA 2020 To find out more, visit our website or email us on [email protected].