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Fork Me!

50bd52fe63e2264aeae49b33d0e9102e?s=47 James Ford
January 09, 2014

Fork Me!

Getting into GitHub, for fun, kudos and all that jazz.


James Ford

January 09, 2014


  1. Fork Me! Getting into for fun, profit kudos and all

    that jazz. Say “Hello!” to the Octocat
  2. What’s it all about?

  3. sharing your code... collaborating on projects forking repositories ...with the

    world resolving issues kudos grouping your projects making git easier to manage
  4. [ it’s their old logo, but it still fits. ]

    Open Source + Social Networking
  5. GitHub... • Hosts your code repositories. • Lowers the barriers

    to entry for you to contribute to other projects. • Promotes you & your contributions.
  6. It’s Gamification! GitHub encourages you to contribute to the development

    community, through • Repo & Page hosting • Gists • Wikis • Stats & Graphs • Issues Management • Easy Pull Requests • Easy Forking All of which shows up on your profile!
  7. Key Concepts

  8. Creating a repository it’s easy! it’s just like in any

    other web-based git repository
  9. Forking repositories • Repositories are editable only by their owner.

    • Forking creates a separate copy of the original repository which ‘belongs’ to you. • Forks are like branches - they can be merged back into the original repository as contributions.
  10. Contributing to other repositories • Found a bug? Fork it,

    Fix it and submit a Pull Request. • Not worth Forking? You can edit files straight away through the GitHub web interface. • Creating or resolving issues, or adding or editing Documentation also counts as contributing.
  11. Getting help & tracking issues • GitHub repositories have built-in

    issue tracking. • Raise an issue or feature request on a project to get some support from its author. • It has all the snazzy features you’d expect.
  12. • GitHub can host a static website straight from a

    repository. • Can use the jekyll static site generator, or just upload plain old HTML. • Content created on the gh-pages branch of a repository becomes the website. Using Pages to promote your work
  13. GitHub-flavoured Markdown • Even without a Pages website, documentation is

    an important part of successful projects, and Markdown syntax is a big part of that. • GitHub-flavoured Markdown is an enhanced version of Markdown, and has a nice editor. • files get shown alongside your source code in the GitHub interface.
  14. So, why GitHub?

  15. None
  16. • 6 years old • 10 million repos GitHub Stats

  17. It’s all about the community.