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Go agile, live longer

Roy Tomeij
October 29, 2011

Go agile, live longer

Why would you be a happier developer if you use an agile process instead of doing waterfall? What do you need to change to make the transition? How did 80beans do this?

Slides for my presentation at /dev/haag on October 28, 2011.

Roy Tomeij

October 29, 2011

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  1. SO, WHAT DO I KNOW? ‣ Hi, I’m Roy Tomeij

    ‣ Co-founder 80beans ‣ Team of 6 specialists ‣ Doing agile since 2009 ‣ Projects from 250 to 1,000 hours
  2. DON’T WORRY, BE AGILE ‣ Better your life ‣ This

    is how we do it ‣ Common pitfalls
  3. BETTER YOUR LIFE ‣ Acknowledge Triple Constraint ‣ Build what

    your clients need, not what they think they need ‣ Easier expectation management ‣ Less frustration for all
  4. RE-INVENT YOUR BUSINESS ‣ Agile only works if you go

    for it ‣ Re-educate or fire your clients ‣ It takes failure to succeed
  5. BE CLEAR FROM THE START ‣ Fixed versus fluid scope

    ‣ Iterative development works ‣ Master Services Agreement & Statements of Work ‣ Selling variable pricing is hard
  6. CLIENT INVOLVEMENT ‣ Have one client representative ‣ Have clients

    at your office ‣ Write user stories with the client ‣ Have clients accept/reject stories using Pivotal Tracker
  7. QUALITY IS KING ‣ Use internal GitHub pull request ‣

    Test Driven Development & Continuous Integration ‣ Make sure clients know how to test and can test
  8. THIS MAKES THE DIFFERENCE ‣ Be clear about your process

    ‣ Don’t go out of your comfort zone ‣ Be completely honest ‣ Invoice monthly
  9. COMMON PITFALLS ‣ Thinking you’re doing agile ‣ Accepting the

    wrong clients ‣ Working with a committee ‣ Competing on price ‣ Clients not actually testing