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Offline x Online:HiPrint Smart Printing E-Commerce System

Offline x Online:HiPrint Smart Printing E-Commerce System

InnoVex 2022 創新智慧應用方案分享交流會



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  1. Offline x Online: HiPrint Smart Printing E-Commerce System RevtelTech Rick

  2. Agenda 1. Company Introduction 2. HiPrint Introduction 3. HiPrint Feature

    Introduction 4. Future Work 5. Summary
  3. RevtelTech:Revolutionary x Revenue x Revive eCommerce/?

  4. HiPrint – Digital Transformation Tool for Printing Industry One-Stop Printing

    Industry EC Platform Pain Points • Retail eCommerce solutions can not fit for requirements • Small and medium scale enterprise can not affort customizing cost • Information equipments is generally scattered and backward → Requires a lot of human collaboration for daily works → Online Sales Channel is lack of suitable tools The logic behind printing procedure is very complex !
  5. HiPrint – Digital Transformation Tool for Printing Industry Spotlight Utility

    • Disassemble core functions through cloud architecture • Provide a complete solution to integrate operations and sales →User can complete all the steps of eCommerce experience, price trial calculation and purchasing at one time →Operator can complete member management/order management/manuscripts review/manufacturing process management on the same website
  6. Featured Partner:Lixiang Printing 90 % Orders from HiPrint System •

    Manning: 4 operators • Duration: 2 years (2020-2022) • GMV AVG 2,000,000 NTD per Month @ 2022
  7. Achievement Overview 2021Digital Singularity Award FUJIFILM Business Innovation SMEA -

    TCloud Official Vendor Industrial Development Bureau Digital Solution Platform Vendor
  8. System Overview:Pick&Go Price Calculation

  9. System Overview:Better Experience - Review & Processing

  10. System Overview:Payment & Logistic 3rd Party Payment Service Logistic Service

  11. System Overview:Full Function ERP System

  12. System Overview:Integrate Domain Knowhow

  13. Future Work A Cross Paltform and solutions to achieve both

    online & offline in consumer and factory view. • Extention to factory control and efficiency escalation • Multiple tool managing by mobile application • NFT might be a brand new concept to culture and creative industry Vurtual/ Online Production/Offline
  14. Summary Behind HiPrint EC System • General purpose:dashboard system /

    cloud infrastructure • Apply to other doamins:bakery / smart factory / …