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Leveraging GIS to Communicate Water Outages

Leveraging GIS to Communicate Water Outages

Holly Pryor and Joe Sepulveda

City of Georgetown

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  1. Leveraging GIS to Communicate Water Outages HOLLY PRYOR AND JOE

  2. About Georgetown What Where Who

  3. Our Challenge Accurately communicate the extent of water outages to

    customers and management
  4. Our Challenge Public Water Outage Notifications ◦ Previous Method

  5. Our Challenge

  6. Goals Goal 1: Enable Control Center staff to identify affected

    water outage customers and determine an accurate affected area Goal 2: Automate customer notification. Proactively communicate.
  7. Solution Internal and Public facing water outage applications

  8. None
  9. Workflow

  10. None
  11. None
  12. None
  13. 2. Workflow

  14. Workflow CSV File

  15. Workflow CIS

  16. None
  17. 4. Workflow

  18. Retaining Outage Data for Reporting

  19. Current Public Water Outage Notifications

  20. Future Network Trace Widget ◦ Available widget (Web AppBuilder) ◦

    Accurate meters and laterals in utility network
  21. None
  22. Questions Holly Pryor, Holly.Pryor@Georgetown.org Joe Sepulveda, Joe.Sepulveda@Georgetown.org