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Digital Project Management Workshop, London 2013

Digital Project Management Workshop, London 2013

More info: http://bit.ly/13PYRhB

On 29th July 2013, over 100 Web Project Managers met at Microsoft’s office in London, UK for the very first Digital Project Management Workshop, sponsored by GatherContent and hosted by Brett Harned and Sam Barnes, aka Arnie and Danny DeVito.

Sam Barnes

July 29, 2013

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  1. #LondonDPM

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  3. brettharned.com @brettharned

  4. It started with a blog...

  5. Teaching Articles Community • .net • Cognition • Projects At

    Work • Wellingtone • UArts Philadelphia • Aquent Gymnasium Screencast (2013) • Mijingo Screencasts (2013) • Idea • SXSW • Web Design Day • NXNE • FOWD 2013 • Philamade Phila PM
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  7. thesambarnes.com @thesambarnes

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  9. One face of project management

  10. Another face of project management

  11. few years ago flat about 27.1 miles from here A

    long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
  12. A few years ago in a flat about 27.1 miles

    from here...
  13. None
  14. A community for us

  15. Project planning exercise Break PM Discussion Q&A Session Agenda

  16. Say hello to your neighbour

  17. Project planning exercise

  18. Review the scenario and plan it! You have 10 minutes.

  19. You have 5 minutes #LondonDPM

  20. Break into groups

  21. Discuss your plans

  22. Create one master plan

  23. You have 10 minutes #LondonDPM

  24. Who wants to share? Take a photo of your plan

    & Tweet it using #LondonDPM
  25. (it's really for Sam) Let's take a break

  26. #LondonDPM

  27. Tools, process and expectations. PM Discussion

  28. PM Tools


  30. • Basecamp for project communications • Harvest for budget &

    time tracking • OmniPlan for project planning • Google Docs for estimating, resourcing & forecasting projects (and now presentations!) • Sifter for issue/bug tracking • Evernote for note taking • Gather Content for content strategy management Brett's PM Toolkit
  31. This is what I use innit. Sam's PM Toolkit

  32. • Tracks GTD-based personal to do list • Digital recorder

    Recording detailed meetings • Simplenote with nvALT Personal and meeting notes • Google Docs All documentation • Google Spreadsheet Team allocation, project timelines and analysis • Tickspot Project budget, time tracking and reporting • Campfire Project and team communication • Kanban Tool like Trello Task allocation and progress visibility • Lighthouse Issue and request tracking outside of projects • TestRail QA test case management • Yammer Company-wide internal communication Sam's PM Toolkit
  33. What's your toolkit?

  34. This is how we do it. Process

  35. Agile Waterfall LEAN Prince2 PRiSM Critical Chain Event Chain Extreme

  36. • Team/Skill set • Project Budget • Project Timeline/Deadline •

    Client Process • Client Review/Approval Structure Deciding on process
  37. JUMP IN!


  39. What's your process?

  40. Managing expectations

  41. You should never see this face if you've managed expectations.

  42. Not just for clients How?

  43. One simple Jedi technique Are you ready for this...


  45. mind.blown


  47. However, be warned...

  48. "Sam, you have about as much tact as being hit

    in the face with a brick"
  49. Weekly reports from day one

  50. What was done this week What will be done next

    week Blockers Revised project timeline Revised project budget
  51. How do you manage expectations?

  52. Q&A

  53. #LondonDPM Thank you

  54. brettharned.com @brettharned thesambarnes.com @thesambarnes

  55. Thank you to our sponsors

  56. Credits • Stopwatch from The Noun Project • Meeting designed

    by Sergi Delgado from The Noun Project • Group designed by Alexandra Coscovelnita from The Noun Project • Brainstorm designed by Joe Sparano from The Noun Project • Question designed by Anas Ramadan from The Noun Project • First Aid designed by Anton Khristolubov from The Noun Project • Fire designed by Arjun Adamson from The Noun Project • Bomb from The Noun Project • Talking designed by Juan Pablo Bravo from The Noun Project • Question designed by Martin Delin from The Noun Project • Gantt Chart designed by Jeremy Boatman from The Noun Project • Notebook designed by Scott Lewis from The Noun Project • Stormtrooper designed by Simon Child from The Noun Project • Death Star designed by Andrew Forrester from The Noun Project