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UXINDIA16- Designers - Think Rural! ( Muzayun Mukhtar ) by uxindia

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October 21, 2016

UXINDIA16- Designers - Think Rural! ( Muzayun Mukhtar ) by uxindia

Rural India deserves our imagination!

AgroStar (www.agrostar.in) is a young social innovation startup in India's agri-tech sector, specifically focused on how technology could improve the lives of farmers. Its mobile e-commerce and m-commerce platforms are designed to simplify the agribusiness experience for the farmers in rural India by providing access to best agriproducts on their fingertips, ensuring smooth delivery to the last mile, sharing expert action-oriented advice, and fostering social learning.

This talk will introduce the audience to the impact that Design at AgroStar has created on the lives of millions of farmers of India. By design thinking, getting closer to people and asking the right questions, AgroStar's design team aims to make it simple for farmers to solve their crop problems, protect their produce and in turn help them make a better living.

In this talk, we will share our lessons while thinking Rural.



October 21, 2016


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  2. Designers — Think Rural! Muzayun Mukhtar - Head of User

    Experience, AgroStar Date: October 21, 2016
  3. ▸ source: data.gov.in About 68%Indians live in rural areas

  4. CONTENT WRITING FOR UI ▸ source: data.gov.in 70% of rural

    population depend on agriculture for their livelihood.
  5. TYPE A QUOTE HERE. How is technology impacting their lives?

    What does future hold for them?
  6. CONTENT WRITING FOR UI How can we use technology to

    improve the lives of farmers in rural India?
  7. Meet a farmer

  8. None
  9. How might we use technology to meet the agri-needs of

    a farmer so that he can grow healthy crops and in turn make a better living?
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  13. How might we provide an ability to a farmer to

    solve a new problem which he just discovered in his crops by remotely guiding him?
  14. Users who have relatively less knowledge of using digital devices

  15. 1 Solve the most crucial problem first

  16. Be conscious of perceptions 2

  17. Design for the user's inhibitions image source: Claudine Van Massenhove

    / shutterstock.com 3
  18. Nothing is obvious 4

  19. Many of the current trends are not familiar 5

  20. Adapt to local circumstances, local language 6 image source: AJP

    / Shutterstock.com
  21. Make it easier to learn and teach 7 image source:

  22. “Great experiences are simple, but simplicity is not about volume;

    it’s about clarity… simple is not always easy to design… it only appears that way.” ideo.org DESIGNERS, THINK RURAL!
  23. Quite deservingly, the future must belong to them!