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Why Startups Need Android App?

Wajahat Karim
December 04, 2019

Why Startups Need Android App?

A talk at PAF-KIET North Nazimabad campus, Karachi on the theme of "Technical Entrepreneurship"

Read the detail article at: https://android.jlelse.eu/why-startups-need-android-app-c1a52d1e9d3d?

Wajahat Karim

December 04, 2019

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  1. Why Startups Need Android App? Wajahat Karim PAF KIET -

    North Campus - Karachi WajahatKarim
  2. I am Wajahat Karim And I work at Contour Software.

    Hey There! WajahatKarim
  3. WajahatKarim Coding 8+ Years Experienced Android Developer Writing Authored 2

    Worldwide Published Books Passion Open Source Contributor (many Android libraries) Community AndroidPub, FlutterPub, Articles, and Talks Things I Do...
  4. Open Source = Github Profile: github.com/wajahtkarim3

  5. WajahatKarim It all starts from the...

  6. WajahatKarim Does your startup really need an app? I am

    simply doing what the others ones are doing. Role of the app in bridging gap in product-market fit
  7. WajahatKarim How app can benefit your startup? https://yourstory.com/mystory/why-every-startup-need-a-mobile-app-y2gzziew7b

  8. WajahatKarim Why even Android app? Huge Market - About 80%

    smartphones are Android - Faster and more app downloads - Quicker feedback iterations Low Entry Barrier - Open Source - Lower cost in development - No fancy expensive equipment - Just $25 one-time for Google Play account Customizations - Easy to experiment with different app features - Faster & easier approval processes - Less headache with access to device hardware
  9. WajahatKarim What is X-Factor in your app? Better Service? Better

    User Experience? Better Pricing?
  10. WajahatKarim How much does it cost to create app?

  11. WajahatKarim Is your startup bootstrapped or funded?

  12. Number of Features - Don’t get trapped in perfection -

    Create an MVP first - Divide features in a roadmap WajahatKarim How long will app take in development? Complexity - Is it a research kind of app? - Or totally game-changing idea? - Or a time-sensitive app? Usually 4-6 months for full app. 6 Weeks for MVP
  13. WajahatKarim How to develop your startup app? Sketching & Wireframes

    - Explains the “What” in the screens - Focuses on User Experience - Easy to build, iterate, & improve
  14. WajahatKarim How to develop your startup app? Theming & Designs

    - Explains the “How” in the screens - Focuses on User Interface - Takes more time than wireframes - Material Design as a common language
  15. WajahatKarim How to develop your startup app? Development & Coding

    - Focuses on functionality of the app - Takes lots of time
  16. WajahatKarim How to develop your startup app? Launch & Deployment

    - Alpha / Beta Tracks - Analytics & Feedback Monitoring - Reviews - Regular Updates
  17. https://wajahatkarim.com [email protected] github.com/wajahatkarim3 @WajahatKarim medium.com/@wajahatkarim3 Any Questions?