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Japan - Teacher's Guide, By: Audrey Klein

Japan - Teacher's Guide, By: Audrey Klein


Susie Davies-Splitter

November 10, 2021


  1. By Audrey Klein Smorgasbord Music and Dance

  2. Contents Introduction - Recorder Melody - Class Arrangement - Traditional

    Dress - Activities - Origami - Writing and Counting - Draw Your Own Manga and Anime - pg. 3-4 pg. 5 pg. 6 pg. 7-8 pg. 9 pg. 10-11 pg. 12 pg. 13-14 Japan Konichiwa Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 2
  3. I started performing in the area of Multicultural music and

    dance in 1980, while still training to be a classroom and instrumental music teacher at Melbourne State College. Together with two other friends – Gary King and Christoph Maubach – the band Shenanigans was formed, drawing on our various ethnic backgrounds and musical experiences. We toured extensively around Australia for a number of years, also playing at folk festivals, community events and presenting at National and International Music Education Conferences. I have taught in a variety of settings over many years. These include in Primary Schools, Pre-schools, Dance and Music departments of tertiary institutions in Melbourne, private instrumental tuition, as well as teaching in in-service training courses for Music and Movement educators, using the Orff approach. I have also been proud to serve as Treasurer and President of the Victorian Orff Schulwerk Association as well as serving as a general committee member for a number of years. At this point in my life, I want to spend my energy supporting teachers, which is why I have produced this resource. Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 3
  4. A flag and a map, showing the country presented, in

    relation to Australia A piece of traditional folk music, arranged using typical classroom instruments, in the Orff style, making it suitable for anyone to play A colouring page showing a male and female in traditional clothing Then, each chapter has an assortment of activities, ideas, arts and crafts relating to the country, covering a range of curriculum areas, such as sport, art, craft, drama, creative writing and more. The accompanying recorded music gives an example of each written part, so that it is easy to understand, even for those teachers who are not musically trained. There is also an example of a full arrangement, to performance ideas to the teacher, or for the students to play along with. I have also included visual recordings of each musical part, as well as offering a bit extra that is not notated in the chapter you have chosen. This resource has come about for 2 main reasons: 1 - My passionate wish to broaden children’s minds by giving them the opportunity to explore different cultures in our ever-shrinking world. My aim is to present music as just one facet of cultural life by offering it in conjunction with typical games, arts and crafts of a given culture, as well as offering a range of other related creative activities. 2 – In recognition of the requirement of 1 teacher in school to be able to teach across a number of Arts areas that seems to be more and more prevalent in education currently. My hope is, also, that many teachers within the school can find useful ideas and activities in this resource, to enable the Arts to be more fully integrated into school life. How to use this resource: Each “chapter” of this resource focuses on one country. There are certain aspects present in every chapter and other activities that are unique to the culture. The aspects in common: Finally… I hope you gain as much pleasure and satisfaction from using this resource as I have gained in producing it. Acknowledgements: Kelly Mrocki for her exquisite artwork Charlie Mrocki for her contribution to the Japanese chapter (see information on drawing manga) Dr Robyn Staveley for her input, critique and encouragement Susie Davies-Splitter for urging me to get this product out of my imagination, where it has been sitting for the past 30 years!!! Koji Shinyama for checking my pronunciation and shakuhachi playing. Doh Zoh! Enjoy! Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 4
  5. Trad. Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and

    Fun pg. 5 Vendor's Song and Recorder Melody
  6. Drums Tone Blocks Tambourine Claves Guiro Finger Cymbals Japan -

    Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 6
  7. Colouring In Page Japan - Unlock a Whole World of

    Music and Fun pg. 7
  8. Kimonos Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and

    Fun pg. 8
  9. Japanese Vendor's Song This round is about a market place,

    so why not create a market in the playground at school? Your class could sell home-made lemonade and the money raised in this way can be given to your favourite charity. Make the song a feature of your "marketplace". You might make up a short play about being poor and rying to sell food on the street. Students can either work on the story as a group or have several small groups write their stories Drama Activity Making Lemonade You will need 2 lemons, 600ml boiling water, 125g sugar, a large jug, a mixing spoon and a grater. Grate the lemon peel into the jug. Poir over boiling water. Add sugar and allow to stand until cool. When cool, add the juice of the 2 lemons and serve. (For an interesting extra flavour, you may like to add a few mint leaves to the cooling mixture , if available You may include (flavoured) milk and sandwiches at your market stall, as these are also mentioned in the song Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 9
  10. Whale (basic level) 1. Fold paper in half, crease well

    and unfold again. Fold sides to meet the centre crease 2. Fold point towards the sides you folded in step 2 3. Fold your origami in half and press well 4. Fold the top points in 5. Fold the narrow point upwards and carefully cut end to make tail flukesl 6. Draw a face.... FINISHED. Cup (intermediate level) Fold paper in half 1. 2.Fold side points inwards 3. Fold both top points outwards 4. Gently round the top of your cup to open it up. FINISHED Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 10
  11. Box (advanced level) Fold paper in half 1. 2. 2.

    Fold in half again 3. Put your finger inside triangle to lift Flatten to form a square on top 4. Turnover 5. Do the same as in step 3 6. Make a crease 7. Fold top corner 8. Fold again to centre line 9. 10. Turn over and do the same as step 7 and 8 16. 11.Pull the front faces together and rear faces together to form a square. Fold top edge down 12. 13. Fold the other side the same way 14. Fold the front face downwards 15. Tuck flap under 17. Open top and push base up 18. Finished Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 11
  12. Listen to sound recording for pronunciation Try tracing the Japanese

    writing below 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ichi ni san shi go 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. roku shichi hachi ku ju Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 12
  13. Dog Mascot - Beginner Level Chibby Boy - Intermediate Level

    Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 13
  14. Anime Girl - Advanced Level Hair Flow Point Creating the

    face with guide lines Rub out guide lines Japan - Unlock a Whole World of Music and Fun pg. 14