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Using Vimperator to browse the Web

Using Vimperator to browse the Web

I switched over to Vimperator one month ago and would like to show you shortcuts and how you can configure it.

Matthias Günther

February 05, 2014

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  1. History 2007 released by Martin Stubenschrott is a fork from

    Conkeror - a browser with Emacs like keybindings distributed via Vimperator Labs
  2. What makes it so cool? hint mode: clickable elements available

    by numbers (easymotion) completion: bookmarks, manuals, commands scripts: custom plugins
  3. Navigating I j,k,h,l … scroll movement <Space>, <C-b> … scroll

    one page down/up ZZ … quit and save window for next session
  4. Navigating II ZQ … quite window without saving d …

    close the active tab u, U … open a previously closed tab
  5. Navigating III :b <words> … search the buffer after the

    specified word gi … focus last input field zi, zo … zoom in, zoom out
  6. Editing I :open <url> … open the URL in the

    current window :tabopen <url> … will open a new tab
  7. Editing II :tabonly … close all tabs except the current

    one :history … recently visited URLs
  8. Editing V y … yank the current location into clipboard

    r, R … reload the current page with/skipping the cache
  9. Vanilla I y … yanks the current URL into the

    clipboard <C-i> … opens Gvim to create text for the input field
  10. Vanilla II :jumps … show the whole browsing path of

    the current tab <C-o>, <C-i> … move backward/forward in the browser history
  11. Vanilla II :gf … toggle between rendered and source view

    :gF … open the source in your preferred editor :view <url> … view the source of the current document or the given URL
  12. Hint Mode I f … opens motion where you can

    click on certain things in the current tab F … like f except that it will open the link in a new tab
  13. Hint Mode II ;<mode><empty><hint> … opens extended find method ;

    … focus a link and hover it s … save destination link y … yank its destination location Y … copy text description of link
  14. Pic Credits I This is how I see it by

    Kris Delcourte: https:// www.flickr.com/photos/ krisdelcourte/8546645402 Navigating by Eric Norris: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ sfxeric/4594050509/
  15. Pic Credits II Editing by Laura Ritchie: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ lauraritchie/7874958188/ Vanilla

    by Brian Boucheron: http:// www.flickr.com/ photos/88138723@N00/7820 089742
  16. About def talks "wikimatze.de/talks" end def twitter @wikimatze end def

    book "padrinobook.com" end def github "matthias-guenther" end