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Maxim Babichev, VK.com

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March 28, 2018

Maxim Babichev, VK.com

Mobile HTML5: Myths and Prejudices

(White Nights Conference Prague 2018)
The official conference website — http://wnconf.com



March 28, 2018


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  2. Mobile HTML5: myths and prejudices by Maxim Babichev

  3. I want to play immediately! Newly discovered era:

  4. In-app gaming • gaming platforms within mobile applications • closely connected to

    the social graph • allow users to interact with one another
  5. In-app gaming HTML5 is the technology that creates games People

    understand “HTML5 game” in different ways: •  games within the app •  WAP RPG •  mobile web-games •  portal projects monetized with pre-rolls
  6. In-app gaming Will your project’s retention come down if it

    is launched as a standalone game outside a social application? If the impact is insignificant, then a project in this form is not ideal for in- app gaming.
  7. Few engines support HTML5 Fear #1

  8. and more…

  9. How can a game be designed if the platform format

    is unclear? Fear #2
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  11. It is unclear which genres are good, thus my game

    may not be good Fear #3
  12. All genres are suitable Casual Midcore Hardcore

  13. Games are somehow not promoted Fear #4

  14. Only the best projects will be launched TOP GAMES

  15. There is no money in in-app gaming Fear #5

  16. Payment is simply a matter of habit and time

  17. Many people will come, but retention will be low Fear

  18. Many tools for retaining and returning users Notifications Requests Invitations

  19. The uncertain future of HTML5 games Fear #7

  20. The amount of in-app gaming platforms is growing

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