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Nikita Zatsepin, BlueStacks

November 26, 2018

Nikita Zatsepin, BlueStacks

Launching Your Mobile Game Globally on PC With BlueStacks 4: Tips & Tricks

(White Nights Conference Moscow 2018)
The official conference website — http://wnconf.com


November 26, 2018

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  1. Launching your mobile game with BlueStacks: tips and tricks

  2. Key Numbers 180 300M 2.1M 4 hours avg 20+ countries

    across employees installs new app installs per day user playtime per day
  3. What is BlueStacks 4? New on-demand architecture = speed Intelligent

    Keymappings Support Android 7.1.2 BlueStacks Store and BlueStacks Points Hardware support (MSI)
  4. What is BlueStacks 4 for developers? Huge midcore-hardcore audience Easy

    and quick start Local teams in 20+ countries Influencer platform with over 10.4k channels/blogs In-platform engagement tools
  5. Transforming App Discovery

  6. Transforming App Discovery Google.com / Search in Google Play =>

    Install App Discovery Before (2008-2014) YouTube/Twitch/Instagram/Snapchat/Tik Tok => Your favorite Blogger => Game he plays => Install App Discovery Now (since 2015)
  7. Growing Game-focused Content views 168,737 visits Thailand 34,381 downloads 562%YoY

    Russia 375,816 visits 32,005 downloads 96% YoY download growth
  8. Engaged ‘Superfans’ in over 100 countries France Tweet your keymapping

    for Dragonball Legends Brazil Test King of Avalon Korea Invite 5 friends to play Mu Origin 2 with you
  9. What is BlueStacks Affiliate Platform?

  10. Global Team of Popular Influencers 294,042views Video views 45M+ 25M

    Clicks YTD 350kBlueStacks installs 190kgame installs directly from video clicks 500+ Affiliated Influencers have over 100k subscribers to their Youtube, Twitch, Nico Nico, AfreecaTV, and Blogs Affiliated Influencers in the self-serve affiliate platform 10.4k 15k King of Avalon installs across PC and Mobile
  11. Summary BlueStacks 4 is: Largest mobile hardcore gaming platform on

    PC 100+ of game developers Trusted by One stop shop for key opinion leaders worldwide As easy to start as you dream of
  12. Thank You reach me out at: nikita@bluestacks.com Fb.com/vaomm @warriorsindance