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State of the Woo | Todd Wilkens

October 19, 2017

State of the Woo | Todd Wilkens


October 19, 2017

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  1. There will be more than $30M* in WooCommerce- related extensions

    sales this year. * Conservatve estimate of WooCommerce marketplace + others.
  2. Most stores run on WooCommerce are small to medium-sized businesses…most

    dev shops helping build these stores are also small to medium-sized businesses. This is the beauty of WordPress and the open source ecosystem. Small biz helping small biz
  3. We are democratizing access to that for anyone, regardless of

    income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in the world.
  4. A large number of the businesses that choose open source

    software do it because they feel aligned with the mission.
  5. With great power comes great responsibility. Automattic has been doing

    a lot to make the WooCommerce platform and ecosystem more robust and sustainable for everyone.
  6. Big news: Abstractions — CRUD classes & REST API v2

    Performance improvements New product gallery New CLI New logging system WooCommerce 3.0
  7. Learnings: We need a more reliable upgrade and maintenance experience

    That involves us and our Extension Developers WooCommerce 3.0
  8. WooCommerce 3.1 • CSV import/export • Extension license management in

    WooCommerce Core • Search helpers for Orders WooCommerce 3.2 • Better control of coupons/ promotions • Extension version checks • Search helpers for Products • Better integration with our SaaS payments, shipping, and taxes offerings.
  9. In the near future… Faster tables designed for ecommerce.

    event queues to remove race conditions and improve performance. Simplified checkout based on extensive research and focused on conversions.
 Lots of tools for insight into how a store is doing.

  10. In 2017, we launched our shipping service. United States Postal

    Service and Canada Post. Live shipping rates. Label printing at reduced rates. And we are currently providing all of this for free.
  11. WooCommerce Services 1.8 added a sales tax service. Automatic, accurate

    sales tax in US, Canada, UK, the EU, and Australia. For free.
  12. Interviews and user research with Store Owners of all sizes,

    Store Builders, and Extension Developers.
  13. When you build a store for a client, you want

    them to have a great store management experience.
  14. No more subscription keys to manage We removed the need

    for having to copy and paste your subscription keys and replaced it with a more secure one click connection process.
  15. In general, we will be making it easier for Store

    Builders who manage multiple sites.
  16. We’ll be joining the WordPress.com affiliate program and opening it

    up for anyone to sell WooCommerce
 Test extensions before you buy them.
  17. Current extension developers have been asking for more direct access

    to customers and more control over their products pages, docs, etc..