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How to become GameDev?

How to become GameDev?


Game development probably is one of the most challenging areas of software engineering. With the evolution of wearable devices, like Google Glass, it becomes even more interesting. This presentation is a quick walk through glass games ideology, resources and sensors we can use and finally tools and frameworks suitable for building next generation games.


Vitaliy Zasadnyy

December 26, 2013


  1. How to become GameDev? Vitaliy Zasadnyy Game Developer, GDG Lviv

  2. Serhiy Vitalik &

  3. Go to Hackathon

  4. Go to conference (and make connections)

  5. Make your own projects (at home)

  6. Play games

  7. Follow right people

  8. Read Resources

  9. Learn (you still a developer)

  10. Understand games

  11. You should be communicable

  12. Find GAMEDEV company

  13. Send a CV

  14. Pros & Cons

  15. Product not a Project

  16. No PM but Game Designer

  17. NO specializations

  18. Communication with not developers

  19. You need to support

  20. Requirements can be changed. Completely. (and they will)

  21. Product can fail

  22. You are responsible

  23. Poor documentation... but strong community! (usually)

  24. Fun meetings

  25. Q&A presentation will be available at: Vitalik Zasadnyy