Lightning Talks: Gail Barnes, Personify LLC

Lightning Talks: Gail Barnes, Personify LLC

Hydroponics, the ocean and feeding a hungry planet: Researchers from the University of Guelph in Ontario, found that if the global population followed the United States Department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines, there would not be enough land to provide the food required. In fact, current findings published in PLOS ONE, showed global adherence to USDA dietary guidelines would require 1 giga-hectare of additional land — roughly the size of Canada — under current farming practice. This lightning talk will discuss how hydroponic farming, the method of growing plants in nutrient – rich water rather than soil, may be the future of farming since land and chemicals are not needed, 80 percent less water is used (compared to agriculture), and plants can grow twice as fast. Beyond growing plants hydroponically by means of “vertical farming” on land, vastness of the ocean also offers a major opportunity for feeding a hungry planet.


Zephyr Conferences

June 21, 2019