Lightning Talks: Sterling Stokes

Lightning Talks: Sterling Stokes

Following on the success of previous events, we will have 8 of your fellow attendees get up on stage to deliver five-minute, Ignite-style “Lightning Talks”. With 20 slides each advancing automatically on 15-second intervals, speakers have to be on the top of their game to deliver fun, informative, often hilarious talks. Hear from these attendees about these topics:

Sterling Stokes,
Cooking With More (Better) Beer


Zephyr Conferences

June 08, 2019


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  2. Sterling Stokes Jr @rvabeermeister June 8, 2019

  3. ¨ Shift paradigm of beer selection ¡ Let beer style

    be determining factor rather than cost ¡ Move beyond macro beers ¨ Adopt a “cook with what you like to drink” philosophy ¨ Expand variety of beers used in cooking ¨ Find “routine” recipes for usage ie, common family foods
  4. • Replacing water in recipes is an easy way to

    start using beer in cooking • Select beer with flavor that will compliment dish • Malty beers are best for long cooking times • Hoppy beers can be used in marinades, brines, or vinaigrettes
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  6. “The Southern Slow Cooker” by Kendra Bailey Morris

  7. ¨ Beer and bratwursts ¨ Beer battered seafood

  8. red-cabbage-sauerkraut-recipe-1915399

  9. ¨ Excuses for not opening a beer ¡ Not right

    time ¡ Can’t finish alone ¨ Big bottles can be used in cooking and still have enough to drink ¨ Beer was brought with your money. You decide how to use it.
  10. ¨ Make it a party! ¨ Cookies & Beer Christmas

  11. “Cookie Love” by Mindy Segal

  12. ¨ Waffles ¨ Pancakes ¨ French Toast

  13. ¨ Homemade condiments ¡ Beer mustard ¡ Jams ¨ Store

    brought condiments ¡ Barbecue sauce ¡ Mustards

  15. “Playing with Fire” by Michael Symon

  16. “The Preservation Kitchen” by Paul Virant

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  18. “The Southern Slow Cooker” by Kendra Bailey Morris

  19. “Salt & Straw Ice Cream Cookbook” by Tyler Malek &

    JJ Goode
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