#WBC18: Keynote Speaker: Lewis Perdue, Publisher and Editor of Wine Industry Insight 

#WBC18: Keynote Speaker: Lewis Perdue, Publisher and Editor of Wine Industry Insight 

Becoming a Journalist Blogger: Blogging surged with the opportunity for anyone to start a blog and write about any subject they pleased. Some content was excellent but much was filled with unsubstantiated opinions, lack of research, and even personal diatribes. Times have changed. Blogs without substance simply do not have any draw to attract readers. To succeed in the modern era of blogging you need to become a "journalist blogger" - researching your facts, checking with your subjects, and confirming with third party experts - even while still providing your own opinions. Learn to do this and your blog will have value, credibility, and readers.  This keynote by award-winning journalist, long-time blogger and former journalism professor Lewis Perdue will present 10 credibility tips you can use to increase reader loyalty and boost readership.


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October 05, 2018