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WMC19 Lightning Talk: Diane Letulle | Wine Dine Go | Hook em with Great Content

WMC19 Lightning Talk: Diane Letulle | Wine Dine Go | Hook em with Great Content

This is the opportunity to hear from your fellow attendees. We will have eight speakers, each of whom will have five minutes to present on a subject that is near to his or her heart. The catch is each speaker has to use 20 slides that are set to auto-rotate every 15 seconds, which keeps the talks fast and fun.


Zephyr Conferences

October 12, 2019


  1. None
  2. Wanna engage? Hook readers & followers with great content! Diane

    Letulle @winedinego
  3. What makes wine content great? Same things that make other

    content great Diane Letulle @winedinego
  4. 1. Compelling Headlines – •80% of people will read your

    headlines •20% will read the rest of your content Diane Letulle @winedinego
  5. Don’t write headlines that put readers to sleep • Dinner

    with winemaker Mary Smith • Visit to Big Deal Winery • Thanksgiving Wines • Large Winery’s Merlot Diane Letulle @winedinego
  6. Better headlines draw you in with news or an interesting

    viewpoint: Diane Letulle @winedinego
  7. Good headlines answer questions readers have: Diane Letulle @winedinego

  8. 2. Interest for readers Don’t just list what happened during

    a winery visit… Real life example: “During my visit at [famous Napa winery], I was lucky to have the entertaining and very knowledgable (sp) tour guide, Mr. Personable. He greeted our group with his warm and personable personality that paired swimmingly with a glass [expensive wine]…” Diane Letulle @winedinego
  9. Remember: It really isn’t about you… Or write everything you

    ate and drank at a media dinner Real life example: “Last week I attended a media dinner at Local Steakhouse. I’d never been to Local Steakhouse, though I’d always heard good things about it, and so I jumped at the chance to sample their food and wine selection. It was amazing. A seven course meal with wine pairings left me impressed to say the least. So, since I had such a great time, I figured I’d share my thoughts on the meal and of course the wine that I got to sample.” Diane Letulle @winedinego
  10. 3. A clear position/statement • “Being able to increase on-premise

    wine sales even incrementally can often be the difference between breaking even for the year and making a profit.” (Sommeliers Choice Awards) • “A traditional method sparkling wine, such as Cava or Champagne, will last a little longer than a tank method sparkling wine like Prosecco.” (Wine Folly) Diane Letulle @winedinego
  11. Making a statement engages better on social media too ü

    Don’t just post an article, make a statement about it ü And if you can be funny, even better J Diane Letulle @winedinego
  12. 4. Accuracy #sangivese ??? • Spelling • Punctuation • Grape

    varieties • Regions Get them right to get respected and read! Diane Letulle @winedinego
  13. 5. Great photos – please not just a wine bottle!

    - This photo features more than the wine - We feel the emotion of the person (Andre Ribeirinho) - We get a beautiful view of the landscape - The photo tells the story of enjoying a special wine in a beautiful place Diane Letulle @winedinego
  14. People like pictures of people photos with faces drive more

    engagement – Georgia Tech blog Diane Letulle @winedinego
  15. No matter the platform, photos boost engagement Our right hemisphere,

    or 50 percent of our brain, is dedicated to visual processing… Using images has become an essential requirement to grab consumers’ interest. In fact, articles with visual content get 94 percent more readership and exposure than those with mere text. - Shutterstock blog Diane Letulle @winedinego
  16. 6. SEO Consideration • Write articles that answer specific questions

    • If you search “Napa Valley Wineries” you get about 30 MILLION RESULTS • If you search “most accessible Napa Valley winery for persons with disabilities” – the results are only 800,000 Diane Letulle @winedinego
  17. 7. Easy-to-read format Chew on this: Chunked text content avoid

    walls of text, which can appear intimidating or time-consuming. Chunking enables easy skimming — users’ preferred method of reading online. Diane Letulle @winedinego
  18. Easy-to-read content: • Short paragraphs, with white space to separate

    them • Short text lines of text (around 50–75 characters) • Clear visual hierarchies with related items grouped together - Nielsen Norman Group Diane Letulle @winedinego
  19. 8. Relevant hashtags • In 2019, Instagram allowed users to

    follow hashtags • According to Hootsuite blog, “if you’re sharing great content and tagging it with relevant hashtags, many of them will start following you” • Ditch spammy, repetitive hashtags for posts Diane Letulle @winedinego
  20. Finding like-minded followers with specific hashtags Diane Letulle @winedinego

  21. Improve engagement with content that has: 1. Compelling headlines 2.

    Interest for readers 3. A clear position/statement 4. Accuracy 5. Great photos 6. SEO considerations 7. Easy-to-read format 8. Relevant hashtags Diane Letulle @winedinego
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