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WMC19 Lightning Talk: Richard Baxter | Age Gets Better With Wine | The Legacy of Australia’s Wine Doctors

WMC19 Lightning Talk: Richard Baxter | Age Gets Better With Wine | The Legacy of Australia’s Wine Doctors

This is the opportunity to hear from your fellow attendees. We will have eight speakers, each of whom will have five minutes to present on a subject that is near to his or her heart. The catch is each speaker has to use 20 slides that are set to auto-rotate every 15 seconds, which keeps the talks fast and fun.


Zephyr Conferences

October 12, 2019


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  2. Australia’s Wine Doctors Richard A Baxter MD How wine was

    vital to survival and why the majority of all wine production is from wineries established by doctors
  3. The moral thermometer: Temperance in the colonial era

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  7. 1814 voyage of the Surrey •200 male convict passengers •Wine

    rations withheld •Typhus outbreak resulted in 51 deaths including 36 convicts as well as the captain and officers •Investigation by Dr. William Redfern led to laws giving the ship’s surgeon sole authority to allocate wine rations
  8. Dr. William Redfern • letter to Governor Macquarie about use

    of wine as medicine for convicts • First Australian medical vigneron with planting Campbellfields vineyard 1818 • Former mutineer
  9. Dr. Henry Lindeman • Dr. Lindeman – founded Lindeman Wines

    1841 • President of the Hunter Valley Vineyard Association 1863-1870 • Former naval surgeon • 1871 Letter to N.S.W. Medical Journal "Wine as a Therapeutic Agent and why it should become our national beverage"
  10. Dr. Christopher Rawson Penfold • founded Penfold Wines 1842 with

    cuttings brought from France • Former ship’s surgeon
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  12. Dr. Frederick Norton Manning • Former naval surgeon • Established

    a vineyard at Gladesville Psychiatric Hospital, formerly Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum, in 1870.
  13. Lunatic Asylum Vineyards • Ararat (West Victoria) – Drs. Beattie-Smith

    and William Armstrong • Sunbury Asylum – Dr. William Longworth Watkins • Parkside Asylum (Adelaide) – Dr. William Lennox Cleland
  14. Other notable physician-vignerons • 1843 Dr. Alexander Kelly founds Tintara

    Vineyard Company (later purchased by Hardy) • 1859 Dr. John Ferguson (Scottish surgeon) purchases Houghton and becomes winemaker • 1889 Dr. William Angove founds Angoves
  15. Modern day wine doctors • 1963 Dr. Max Lake plants

    Lake’s Folly vineyard in Hunter Valley (Australia’s first boutique winery) • 1966 Dr. Kevin Cullen founds Cullen Wines • 1967 Dr. Tom Cullity plants the first commercial vineyard in Margaret River, Vasse Felix
  16. • 1971 Dr. John Middleton plants Mount Mary vineyard (Yarra

    Valley) • 1974 Dr. Guill de Pury releases first vintage from Yeringberg estate (Yarra)
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  20. www.wine-and-health.com

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