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Tableau Course @DHIL - Day 3

Tableau Course @DHIL - Day 3

Alberto Lusoli

January 13, 2021

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  1. Unioning is a method for appending values (that is, rows)

    to tables. You can union tables if they have the same columns. Typical use case: longitudinal research with periodic data updates
  2. Joining is a method for combining tables related by common

    fields (that is, common columns). The result of combining data using a join is a virtual table that extends horizontally by adding columns of data.
  3. CONDITIONS Fields must have the same format (INT<>INT ; STRING

    <> STRING ; etc.) Fields must contain the same values
  4. 1. Login in on your Tableau public profile within Tableau

    2. Publish your visualization/dashboard online 1. Extract data sources 2. Check visibility for pre-research 3. Set export options 4. Data protection compliance