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Human Document Project - introduction, goals & myself

Human Document Project - introduction, goals & myself

... talk given at KIST Europe, Saarbrücken. Human Document Project workshop, June 30 - July 2, 2010.

andreas manz

June 30, 2010

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  1. introduction goals & myself introduction, goals & myself Andreas Manz

    h l f f b FRIAS School of Soft Matter, Freiburg Germany KIST Europe, Saarbrücken Germany
  2. part 1 part 1

  3. miniaturization down-scaling engineering

  4. None
  5. objects which have a reason for their si e their

    size ? ?
  6. objects which don’t have a reason for their si e

    for their size
  7. typical lengths yp g 5 1 1/20 1/20 1/200 1/200,000

  8. human perception p p < 1 cm is small <

    1 cm is small > 2 m is large g < 100ms is fast > 10 i i l > 10 min is slow
  9. keep an eye on p y time scale !

  10. micromachining clean room technology photolithography photolithography etching / deposition etching

    / deposition
  11. None
  12. None
  13. None
  14. “l b hi ” “lab on a chip” microfabrication microfabrication

    microfluidics μTAS miniaturized total analysis systems
  15. capillary electrophoresis on chip 1989-91

  16. flow injection analysis, 1989-92

  17. for more information on the topic for more information on

    the topic micro TAS conference G i th Groningen, the Netherlands 2010 impact factor 6.5 1,000 attendees annually p f Reviews on Micro total analysis systems in Anal.Chem. 2002, 04, 06, 08 and 10 cited over 3,000 times
  18. part 2 part 2

  19. electrophoresis p

  20. 10 fold miniaturization 100 x faster separation p 1000 x

    smaller volume 10 x lower reagent consumption
  21. 1747 1747

  22. None
  23. double stranded DNA separation

  24. reaction with intercalating dye

  25. part 3 part 3

  26. „the human document project“ p j

  27. „the human document project“ p j goal t d 1

    d t b t h •to produce 1 document about human culture, science, arts etc. culture, science, arts etc. •to preserve it for 1 million years
  28. keep an eye on p y time scale !

  29. 1 million years back 1 million years back Homo neanderthalensis

    Homo sapiens Homo heidelbergensis Homo habilis Homo erectus Paranthropus Ardipithecus Australopithecus 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 million years
  30. 1 million years back 1 million years back 5 4

    3 2 1 0 venus statuettes, cave paintings pottery pottery stone axes pebble tools
  31. „the human document project“ p j Lespugue, upper paleolithic, 25,000

  32. „the human document project“ p j Lascaux cave, upper paleolithic,

    14,000 B.C.
  33. „the human document project“ p j Tartaria tablets, 5,500 B.C.

    Jiahu symbols, 6,000 B.C.
  34. „the human document project“ p j Epic of Gilgamesh p

    g begins with instructions on how to find a box of copper ow to d a bo o coppe inside a foundation stone in the great walls of Uruk 3,000 B.C.
  35. „the human document project“ p j Egyptian tombs are also

    time capsules
  36. „the human document project“ p j time capsule 1939 crypt

    of civilization, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta Georgia Atlanta, Georgia
  37. „the human document project“ p j Pioneer plaque 1972, Voyager

    CD 1977
  38. „the human document project“ p j Th L N F

    d ti  D i l The Long Now Foundation  Daniel Hillis, San Francisco , The Ozymandias Project  David Green, New York New York
  39. …books last a few hundred years …boo s s ew

    u d ed ye s
  40. …or a few thousand …o ew ous d

  41. …ceramics or stone last longer …ce cs o s o

    e s o ge
  42. old monocrystalline material y lasted for millions of years

  43. deep etching of monocrystalline silicon deep e c g o

    o oc ys e s co
  44. embedding it in amber e bedd g be resin source

    today Agathis australis (New Zealand) monomer: communic acid monomer: communic acid
  45. the oldest digital document on this planet e o des

    d g docu e o s p e … is DNA d t i and proteins for many protein sequences, the evolution can be tracked the evolution can be tracked back 1,000,000,000 or 2,000,000,000 years
  46. age of proteins ge o p o e s Evolutionary

    Horizons (Million years) Fibrinopeptides 200 Mammalian Radiation L t lb i 670 V t b t Lactalbumins 670 Vertebrates Ribonucleases 850 Animals Hemoglobins 1 500 Plants/Animals Hemoglobins 1,500 Plants/Animals Acid Proteases 2,300 Prokayrotic/Eukarotic adapted from R.F.Doolittle et al., Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol., 51:447–455, 1986 ,
  47. age of proteins ge o p o e s source

    W. R. Pearson (2000) "Protein sequence comparison and protein evolution“ ISMB2000 - Tutorial, San Diego, CA.
  48. encoding it in DNA e cod g N deep sea

    shark deep sea shark long generations little variation in DNA link to essential protein link to essential protein or: abundant microorgansim?
  49. dumping Wikipedia dumping Wikipedia on the moon meteorite-safe deposit meteorite

    safe deposit labelling location visible from earth lti l i multiple copies
  50. what kind of information will be important to mankind in

    1 million years? important to mankind in 1 million years? subjective or objective? what defines / describes our culture of h d t d ? here and today?
  51. how to make sure, it can be understood? Rosetta stone-like

    or children’s learning- like? like? computer code, English or pictograms / h t ? photos?
  52. learning / definitions Lik R tt t Like Rosetta stone

  53. learning / definitions lik hild ’ l i like children’s

  54. where to distribute it? in what numbers? how to get

    attention? how to get attention? it shouldn’t be found too early, or too late / not at all? late / not at all? near Gizeh? London? Baltic Sea? Gobi d t b f Chi ? desert or urban areas of China?
  55. attract attention c e o

  56. attract attention by fluorescence ( ti l / t d

    t ) (nanoparticles / quantum dots)
  57. include a timer cocktail of radioactive isotopes? p description of

    our calender and astronomic event?
  58. include a timer cocktail of radioactive isotopes? aluminium26, magnesium26 720.000y

    uranium234, thorium230 80.000y , y uranium235, protactinium231 34.300y carbon14 5.730y
  59. one astronomic event… Easter Island

  60. … may not be enough Easter Island

  61. should it be a monograph? could it be parts of

    a puzzle, referring to each other? each other? d fi i i i d i / l i d definitions, introduction / learning and then chapter in maximum encoding e c p e u e cod g density?
  62. brainstorming brainstorming workshop June 30- July 2, 2010 Saarbrücken Saarbrücken

  63. purpose of this workshop what do we want? what do

    we want? who are we? di th bl discuss the problems networking g “white paper” - goals “road map” time frame milestones road map – time frame, milestones
  64. purpose of this workshop “white paper” white paper define goals

    ll overall for each discipline p (create a paper for ourselves, funding bodies press students) bodies, press, students)
  65. purpose of this workshop “road map” d fi k define

    tasks disciplines, regions, indivduals p , g , avoid too much duplication ifi ll b ti specific collaborations kick start the “bigger” gg (put together what we intend to do)
  66. publications open access e-only journal “Ch ll ” “Challenges” published

    by MDPI Basel p y special issue “Human Document”