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Mental Health, Self-Care and Leadership

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December 03, 2019

Mental Health, Self-Care and Leadership

Mental Health - Self Care as a Leader
Zenon Hannick (COO, Armakuni)

As Zenon has risen to leadership positions he has become acutely aware of how his mental health has affected his behaviour and interactions with colleagues, and how this in turn has had an impact on them. Hear about his journey, the mistakes he made, the traps he fell into and ultimately the lessons he learned as CTO of Comic Relief that allowed him to open up about his vulnerabilities, be more empathetic and become a more effective leader.

From this talk you should gain some insight on the following:

Why it is is important as a leader to manage your own mental health and model behaviour for your teams
How to extend ideas on self-care and personal insight into the workplace and your teams
Some of the failures and traps Zenon experienced
When you take a leadership role, how you behave and interact with others carries more weight in defining acceptable practices and the culture of your organisation. Zenon believes it is our duty to make sure we are doing the most that we can to make our work environment a safe and healthy place for our people. Modelling behaviour is big part of this and a self-care routine is a vital first step to put yourself in a position to care for your teams and people. Zenon has found this is a vital part of enabling high performing teams.



December 03, 2019


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