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Take your Live Auction Online - preview

April 03, 2020

Take your Live Auction Online - preview

Take your Live Auction Online - preview


April 03, 2020

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  1. Play the bidder role Register NOW charityauction.bid/online-demo 1. Register to

    bid 2. Receive access code via email 3. Sign in with email or code -- OR -- Text : register <your name> To 1-866-316-2265 & click on the link
  2. Agenda: preview and feedback session We hear you! You want

    to keep the LIVE part of your auction fundraising event LIVE and social • Yes, this is possible • Auctria Live Auction Online features paired with your favorite live streaming channel • Make it interactive & meaningful • Entice participation & sharing
  3. Entice Participation Happy and meaningful gathering • Promoting ahead of

    time-use video and on dedicated website to tell your story • Enhance donors & sponsors with sponsor catalogs on dedicated website and live activity • Even if can’t give, share & join • Couch party, trivia, music, speakers • Future token of appreciation • Raise the paddle with micro donations
  4. Choose a favorite livestream style Online Meetings Zoom, Google Meet,

    Ring Central... • All gather and immediately interact, no buffer to live feed • Minimal registration Webinar Clickmeeting, WebEx, ... • Lobby and buffer then ‘open the door’ • Registration & tracking for better planning What are your needs? How many seats needed for admin, emcee, auctioneer? How public do you want to broadcast? Social Media FB Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, ... • Live alerts for visibility • Less private • Familiarity
  5. Live Auction Online Challenges • Most streaming technologies introduce latency

    between the recording and the viewer. Optimistically 10-20s … maybe more. ◦ Avoid giving $ specific amounts in the stream • Auctioneers need to fill more space ◦ More selling of the item vs encouraging specific bids? • Lack of feedback from ‘reading the room’ Pre-plan & practice with your auctioneer to avoid these pitfalls
  6. Participation Options Chat In the bottom left hand corner feel

    free to type/chat Request Mic to OPEN two-part permission (computer users only) [At the bottom right hand corner there is small hand] 1. Click the hand in a ‘hello’ position to request your mic be turned on. 2. When the admin does turn ON your mic you will get a notification to turn on your mic on your end (this insures additional privacy) Note: if you are connecting by phone there is no mic access (listen only 4 rotating mics)
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