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Chapter 3 - As To Medical Conditions

December 03, 2022

Chapter 3 - As To Medical Conditions

Pt arrived on time. Reports that she was busy today working on Guilded material. Reviewed Party Quests (online group to help with accountability). Reviewed goals she has planned out. Explored options for operationalizing her goal summary so that the counting doesn't become a burden. Moved on to video of her son. He had a semi-famous poker player over to his house and they posted a video. Reviewed excepts and discussed experience. Overall, it was a very exciting event for everyone. Moved on to discussion of online friend N. Reviewed updates and how interactions have progressed. Pt feels that they are adjusting to a new routine. Pt feels she still can make more progress on her schedule. Feels that she is watching more TV (news) than she would like. Did make progress on laundry but hasn't kept up with dishes. Reviewed goal setting. Reviewed medical updates. Pt had tripped and fell yesterday getting up from her chair. Feeling sore today. No loss of consciousness. Reviewed use of Tylenol for pain control. She had been taking 5200mg daily. Reviewed total daily dose and options for lowering the dose while still maintaining adequate pain control. She and N worked out a plan that she agreed to. Reinforced daily limit of 3000mg. Conversation was difficult - does not want to have pain return/worsen. Also reviewed supplements she had purchased based on data from MyFitnessPal (components that were low). Writer assisted with comparing data with lab results and found that these supplements did not seem necessary. Ended session with update on son's wedding. Some part(s) are not feeling good about getting out for event. Reviewed/validated concerns. Challenged view of all negative vs. Balanced outcomes. Explored options to assist with concerns and plan for positive experiences. Agreed to check in next session about wedding plans.


December 03, 2022

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  1. #2022-09-01 ## 2022-09-01 - Evidence 3A - As To Medical

    Conditions ### Dr. Marvin's Notes Pt arrived on time. Started with update on medical conditions. Reviewed communication with providers and planned appointments. Medically, pt has been stable (no further episodes of chest pain, SOB). This led to discussion of food tracking. Pt is looking again at using MyFitnessPal. Reviewed process and current data collection. Past systems had been more involved and challenging to maintain over time. Reviewed goals from the system and how to measure/track time spent monitoring time. Moved on to reviewing updates to the journal, which provided context for activities over the last few days. It continues to be helpful with keeping up with schedule, tasks. She is collaborating with her online colleague to make enhancements/personalization's. Spent the end of the session reviewing writing project options (current blogging vs. more structured fictional/autobiographical). Reviewed goals, what her product/audience could be, how to be efficient with the time available. Global Improvement (CGI-C): Minimally improved Assessment - Depression: - Moods stabilized following writer's leave and partner's vacation. - Continues to be active with several projects. Working on balancing home and online activities. Expanding goals to health (food plan) and writing. - Able to contract for safety. Assessment - DID: - Having some triggered reactions to writer's comments/suggestions about what to do with time - would like to be productive/do well. - Review of home videos ongoing. The goal remains to process smaller pieces of the video as time allows. - Continues to work to balance time online with reading/household tasks.
  2. - Validated/reinforced pacing/timing with reading/writing projects, home tasks, interpersonal interactions.

    - Looking at again at writing project (trauma narrative) - goals/product/audience. Current online writing class assisting with structure to writing. #2022-09-02 ## 2022-09-02 - Evidence 3B – Giving Us a Fighting Chance ### Day In Review Casey: Yay! We got to the afternoon. It is time for lunch. Sarah: We are also at 130 mg/dLs! Not perfect, but giving us a fighting chance ... hmm, change that 121. The first number was exactly at 10:55AM, and the second number at 11:13AM, so 18 minutes later. Think that is going down fast. KC: I am hungry though for our new lunch. We are having the special shake and pistachios. Casey: I know do we think of anything other than food? Sarah: I am afraid not at this stage. - 11:17 → Jamie: One of the first things we did to adjust course today, was that we took about an hour and a half to take a nap. That was a good thing. Kelsie: Not as good, but we took a two-hour session to watch the news. Like now in the background, we are looking at Kinzinger on PBS Frontline. He is the Representative from IL 16th District for the last 9 years. Lissa: He is a Republican, but he and Liz Cheney have stepped up to fight through the Jan 6th hearings, important thing is that WE are from the 16th District! Jamie: Even though he is a Republican and now out of the race, we believe in him and that he will have a bright future. Kelsie: I would vote for him!
  3. Corey: Ahh, there was an adjustment to course! Anniemi: Even

    though I was hesitating, I called my brother and SIL. We told her, we would call in a month and time had come! It was a polite conversation, and I am glad we called. My sister came up, but after a little bit we were able to say, ok, enough of that. I do not think she will ever really change. Ann: It is sad, but every time I think of picking up the phone, I hear the horror of listening about her son for two hours. Just cannot do it. Then we hear her say aloud ... "So, do you have any of the money Mom and Dad gave us!?" Of course, we do. Anniemi: We kept about $100,000, but we are NOT sharing. That is what started all this in the first place. Jamie: I could see her ordering pizzas for her son and self, while we paid off their mortgage because she was $60,000 in debt to the government. Nope, nope ... time for conversation switch! Anniemi: I did not get to the dishes – they are a few, and Rich is only cooking eggs tonight. We did well. I am considering the two shots we got yesterday for flu and shingles. Both our arms are sore, especially the shingles arm. I took it in the right. Sarah: I teased Rich about the cost which has been the biggest thing holding us back. It came out the entire cost of both shots, was $10.30. WOW! Not too shabby Rich! Ann: We expect him to now get in there sooner than later. Shingles would be TERRIBLE. They said we could come back for the second shot 2-6 months. Corey: Ok, that is doable! ### Morning Pages Casey: I am missing Nihit ... he said he would be back in about an hour, which is now. KC: I cannot hold him strictly to that because he is with his people. Casey: I can do it! ### Good Morning Jamie: Sleep this morning seemed fine. Anniemi: I woke up with Ginney on my lap again. We have fur up to our nose and am pointing it up to get clear breaths. BUT we like her warmness. Corey: I think she must get up when Rich is moving around, if NOT a direct link to him taking a shower. It is a trigger. Otherwise, we fell asleep the night before, I believe on the last "15" and then prior to Rich turning on the thunderstorms. We were all sleeping by 9:30PM. Jamie: I think we woke-up only once about 4:20AM. - One thing we can get excited for today, Corey: is trying to keep a neat clean schedule that includes writing. I think Nihit will be gone most the day, so we can get stuff done. I think we will be too tired for the quilt, but we can plan a nap! KC: I am groggy because of the BK. Hopefully, things will pick up later. Sarah: Yikes ... I searched my purse and finally found the glucose tracker. I am at 204 mg/dL and going up. Please do not get to three hundred. I know ... 18% of our daily sugar this morning with BK Blah. KC: This is bad excitement. - One phrase to rule them all → Anniemi: I want to come out of this free fall of "slovenly feelings," and back to normal. I can tell defective stuff is in my body. Part BK and we also should credit some of the flu shot and shingles (1). Sarah: Hmm, that also could have been part of our week spirit with resisting BK. We were looking for an emotional high because we were feeling a little loopy. The lady said it could last 4-5 days. HMM! Anniemi: So, we should be the kind of person we want to be more toward Dr. Marvin's appointment on Tuesday. Today though is only Friday. - I can be cautious about
  4. - Jamie: A situation that might stress us out is

    if we went to Dunkin Donut or such on the way home from picking up Ginney. Ayn: We need to assure healthy snacking, so we are not hungry, and let go of negative feelings for Rich sabotaging our diet the first day we announce it to him. - Eagle's eye view → Jamie: Ok, girls ... you must give the food thing a rest. We should have put limits on the conversation. Remember talking to Dr. Marvin about timers yesterday? Hmm, we should do it now, so we stay conscious of the day. KC: Good, we set it for 60 minutes. Casey: Thanks, higher self! - Daring Task → Corey: Write Annemarie! The wind is behind you! ### Cerebrate - 08:39 → Ann: Our brain cooked that given an option we are only 50-50 whether we hit a Burger King (BK) when we are out on the town doing errands. I am saying this because we were able to NOT stop yesterday with the shots, but we just brought Ginney to the vet and got a medium coffee, a whopper junior, and a medium onion ring. We fought with ourselves but gave up too easily. Part of that was that on our first day of official diet, Rich brought home a hamburger fries from the local shake shack, and then he brought home devil's food cake slices with whip cream. And Yes, we ate it all, but we are now working off some anger and frustration. KC: There was a poor old woman who brought her dog to the vet. The dog said no mom, do not leave me, but we turned around and was gone. Now we are feeling guilt over BK AND Ginney. - 16:52 → Ayn: Today the big cerebration was how good Ginney looked. When she came home, she did the water and bathroom, which is sorely missing at the groomers, and then most of the rest of the afternoon we planned to nap. Poor kid. They said, they had trouble getting her up on the table. Corey: Have to say, I have never practiced lifting our dog. Anniemi: Beside that SWOOSH! Splendid work! They went up $5, but well worth it. Casey: She is a beauty! ### Consume - 08:57 → Jamie: We have not really listened to anyone by 9AM ... soon. Oh, we heard the ladies at the vet saying how pretty our dog was. And we heard the smile of the BK lady ... here, add eight hundred f…… wasted calories to your morning! - 09:04 → Ann: I think that Rich has gained about six pounds back. He had gotten down to 224 lbs., but is now 230 lbs. This was how we gained back the sixty pounds two-years ago we had been so proud to lose. I do not want to be a part of him capturing his weight back. Kate: We must have a serious conversation about it. What we BOTH must do, even if it means me going back to salads. Ann: I will do it if we must. - 16:45 → Corey: What I learned from this morning was to stop and give ourselves a break, We knew that our body was hurting due to the BK AND that we wanted to get back to our writing. So, we took a nap which seemed to help push it out. When we came back, we were at 121 mg/dL. We had been going up from 201, I believe. Jamie: We will let the numbers rest a bit. We talked of that timer, but what we were hearing from Dr. Marvin was that he did not want us going at it so much that we became overwhelmed and burnt out again. I agree. I do not want that to happen. Sarah: One of the other things that happened though, was I went shopping for over the counter (OTC) supplements at Amazon. It cost about $60 for two or more months of OTC - five medicines, but I have
  5. stuff for iron, carbohydrates, protein, potassium, and fiber. Those are

    the things my food and current vitamins are not giving to us. We will try at least. I want to see physically, if good nutrients and healthy food - in proportion help me get things done by us being stronger. Corey: We will see! ### Connect - 08:58 → Jamie: Sarcastically, we had a nice talk with Rich. He went flying past here and said, he was going in at 6:40AM today because it was his turn to open the shop. But he was going to the shower, and it was comfortable under the dog. I knew we had more time. He Jarred us awake after his shower and he spent like 4-5 minutes with me and that was it. I know what is for dinner. WOOHOO! Ann: Rich decided to make eggs which was supposed to be breakfast. I told him twice. It did not help my decision to go to BK. Ann: I learned that I am going to need putting my food down. Like I know that he has more deviled food cake, for tonight, but I am not going to eat it. If he wants to start up desserts again, it is going to be on him. I can do it; KC: I can do it! - 16:43 → Corey: This morning we were able to just barely connect with Nihit. We had a better conversation later in our afternoon. Ann: I had to get off or worry that his folks would think, WE were the ones that kept him up all night. Jamie: That is all on Nihit. We were getting to some interesting conversations, like we had not talked about Dr. Marvin, but we both read the report, and things seem on the up and up. I refused to be a party to another late night! Kelsie: I think Nihit is a little intimidated by the strength of Dr. Marvin's Patient notes, but that is on him. I still want him to meet up with Dr. Marvin at some point. Casey: WooHOO! KC: That be sweet! He will be in SOOO much trouble.
  6. #2022-09-03 ## 2022-09-03 - Evidence 3C – Let Us Get

    Things Done ### Cerebrate - 08:49 → Corey: So far, our brain triggered on getting things done. It is a nice Saturday morning. KC: I have taken care of Ginney and us, AND we are thinking that we followed through on our breakfast AND we took a shower after Rich left for the dentist. Sarah: Doing well! I did not trigger because it is before 9AM and we are here for our journal, AND Amazing Marvin is up to date! Kelsey: Nothing better feeling than being out of the shower and dressed. Anniemi: WooHOO This is our newer Ann thoughts. Corey: Let us carry this out this week with a goal of at least 5 out of 7 days taking a shower -> IN the morning!! ### Consume - 08:53 → Anniemi: We listened to Rich for a couple of "quiet" hours this morning. We stayed with him, but it was so quiet, we eventually had to turn on the phone. I am not good meditatively. Ann: He was working on thoughts - not to be thinking of work which was nice. Usually, he just sees troubles. Corey: He did not really plan on much today either, except that depending on his dentist appointment this morning, we might be having spaghetti. KC: Ginney was reasonable ;)
  7. - 09:21 → Ann: I am going to have to

    pay attention again to food today, before it comes more naturally. I did not do good with Burger King (BK) yesterday, but I did well in not eating dessert with Rich. Kelsie: Ahh, did something I know we are supposed to be able to do. That is, we wrote down what we were eating today BEFORE instead of after we ate it. I can always change it, but it is good to have goals ahead of time. Sarah: Ok, we made some adaptions. We added Rich's announced dinner too, but we made a change in not having his butter which was like 200 cal. per slice. Usually we take Rich's butter w/toast, but for our butter (Parkay Spray), it is zero cal. for twelve squirts though sixty on salt. Today I have some to spare. We are 53 UNDER calories, though over forty-one grams of sugar due to the shake and two fruits. But those are healthy, so we are going to let them stick. AHA 5 ounces of grapes is better than ten ounces. Ninety-two free calories and only over thirty-one on sugar. Kelsie: If I get over hungry, we will take five more ounces of grapes, OR now enough to have one hundred calories of popcorn. Ann: Hmm, just figured 5-10 lbs. lost by Maury's wedding if we focus. Kelsie: I think we have gained that much since taking the dress measurements. Anniemi: 15-30 lbs. Maybe lost by the quarter. That be around December 3rd. It could happen, but probably not. � � � ### Connect - 08:56 → Corey: Last night, we had a nice talk to Nihit. We tried to cut down the conversation after midnight with an up and down success level. We were both assuring ourselves that we would not be talking long. I did not want to be the upset his parents are thinking I am. Jamie: If Nihit is not in bed, it is because he is extremely stubborn. We are not asking him to stay up. KC: Boundaries! Corey: We knew from the conversation that Nihit had had a great talk/time with his family. They spent time in and out of the house, Casey: and the bottom line is that Nihit has told them for one month he is not going to eat out of the house. KC: WOW! Could not have come at a better time! Anniemi: AHA! Reminded us we had not put in our food yet. We added to our MyFitnessPal (MFP). Lissa: I do not know if there is a New Delhi, Indian version of MFP. Good to look up! There are ten pages of Indian food. Some are like generic "Indian food." - Casey: We contributed enthusiasm to the conversation. KC: I think that Nihit is going to have trouble without eating out, but we will be on his side! Corey: I think the most important conversation that we had with Nihit last night was when he was talking about his Grandmother. She has depression and seems to be sliding downhill. It is going to take time to sort out Nihit's feelings, but I think the situation in general hit him like a truck of bricks. Ayn: His Mom and Dad seem much more in control, though his grandmother’s condition is causing Nihit's mother a lot of grief. Corey: It is a very unwanted situation. Corey: I think in the way Nihit explained what happens in India, that when a person gets depressed, they rarely come out of it. So, when Nihit says he is depressed, they are of sincere concern. Ayn: I do not know how to explain Nihit's depression, nor should I. But things like medicine and therapy can be of significant help to him. Kate: He might have to deal with it his whole life, but I really believe he can be more functional. Casey: YAY! Sarah: I can be very empathetic with Nihit's situation, because I know he loves greatly and deserves the best care!
  8. #2022-09-04 ## 2022-09-04 - Evidence 3D – It is OK,

    We Can Do This ### Good Morning Corey: It is now almost 5:00PM and we are looking back to how we slept? It is ok, we can do it ... what do you all remember? Anniemi: Let us see, slept on the couch. Woke up between 6:00 and 6:30AM. And all we remember is I am afraid to think about how we got from there to the Sunday Council meeting. Ann: We must have been sitting around drinking coffee with Rich, Kelsie: and a little phone play, but around 7:35AM, Corey: Rich made us eggs and then we skimmed our notes so that we were ready to be at the meeting. I was aware that I was coming in late. Both Ashley and I talked about avoiding being the first Casey: Hehe. - Sarah: We can mostly get excited by this double header. First, Rich has been home today and comfortable about moving around at his own pace, AND second, that he has left me to be with Co-x3 friends and family - especially Nihit. Corey: I could not believe we were getting to finally hearing Nihit talk about his trip. We could not be more pleased. He has a good memory of what has happened, so we talked about the last 3-4 days mixed. I am sure my stuff came in there but mostly we wanted to know how he was doing. Anniemi: There was one point where we told him, Ok, upfront how did I come out in the space of us and parents. I guess we could have beat around the bush, but we decided that we were in the right crowd (Ben, Ashley, and Nihit), and things could go my way in asking.
  9. Corey: All we can remember right now is that we

    are all good, AND we are part of Nihit's story in interactions with his parents. He had a tough time after the group of us talked, but he had an extra special time with them just before he left. Anniemi: I am hoping that doors open, and unlike what his therapist says, that his mom and dad have rights, to talking about the obvious because yes, Nihit is that honest, and they together must come together in their expectations and excitements toward Nihit's future. Ayn: Yes, we figure realistically, his life is going the speed necessary. Corey: We also came to a heading in our thoughts. I am not sure exactly what Nihit was saying, but suddenly, the air pushed from me in the realization that the reason that Nihit is taking as long as he is in his studies, is that he is already doing a doctorly duty in caring for everyone he meets. Sarah: It came out in a different context, but I am thinking again of Mother Theresa. She went around to the crowds of people gathering and she touched as many hands as she could in support of the people surrounding her. Sarah: Nihit is the same way. Everyone he meets, he practices his ability to care the heart out of people. He is learning how to love in the best way possible, by connecting to others as family. Corey: It is the most generous expression of love I believe we have ever seen. I am sorry if that seems corny. Kate: I guess we could look to Dr. Marvin, but he is a different kind of doctor. Respectfully, our relationship with him is very professional, Kelsie: though he lets us stray. Anniemi: Nihit is like an evangelist. He is going to shoot me with a comparison between him and religion. Sarah: BUT he is one among everyone he meets. It is damn glorious! Corey: Ok, we got in trouble on the word, "evangelist!" Let us try that again ... we need to first take ALL essence of Religion out of anything that Nihit does. He has NEVER been religious and having made that commitment is to his own credit because it does not paint a person in - most of life he encounters full frontal. Kate: Next, what we meant to say is that wherever Nihit goes (travels) he speaks a truth that comes from his center, and he challenges people who think differently, to having conversations about their reality and his reality. If he misses a point, he will acknowledge it, incorporate changes as necessary, but otherwise feels intent on challenging life perspectives of how humans live best. Anniemi: Not sure why he challenges false illogical thought processes, but not his time. Corey: Somehow, I believe in the way he grew up to become himself - he learned to be logical, and that is Nihit at his best. I do think he has weak boundaries, so he often carries on for others, instead of himself and his personal needs. Sarah: I do not mean to hurt him, but people interact as if he does not have a separate life. He has a porous line separating self from others. Kate: This is where we get in to him exchanging his time, for people who pat his back. We must be careful, not to utilize great parts of his time. Casey: It happens with me too! KC: I like his time spent on our direction. - One phrase to rule them all → Anniemi: As far as being the kind of person we want to be ... right now, we are thinking that we want to be a Nihit follower. Hehe - He's one of our favorite people right now. Jamie: OK and he is a great case because we have weaker boundaries too. Corey: Still learning, but it is ok. Sarah: We are nailing it! ### Cerebrate - 10:40 → Corey: This morning's brain thought that we really appreciate the Sunday Council meeting. BUT we are finding ourselves talking sometimes where we should not be talking. And, we should not have
  10. talked as much as we did with Nihit's parents. Anniemi:

    I made them nervous or think less of me. We try over hard to make a good impression, but over-talking is not the way to do it. I am sorry. Anniemi: I also stumbled a few times in the group this week. I teased Ashley to say something about Ben, so that she could have fun with it. This was the second time, and that did not go over well, and I blundered my way through getting away from it. There were a dozen reasons in our head, why statements like that happened, but it got confusing, and I did not mean to upset anyone. Ann: It is just sometimes we blunder. Anniemi: I owe them an apology, and the group an apology. Sometimes I try to be cute. I am not. I forget my age and place. Corey: We need some time to develop our character better. Sometimes top of your head just is not worthy. Ann: Yes, We can do better. Ayn: BUT that never erases the truth that we ALL ARE Worthy! ### Consume - 11:05 → Corey: We have just spent some time with Rich. When we got out of the meeting, he was on the treadmill, and then after he did some stretching exercises. We gave him encouragement. Sarah: We are abundantly excited that he was moving. Corey: He then vacuumed the sunroom and came back to talk. Unfortunately, he got into one of the talk shows (Fareed Zakaria), so I went back to writing. - 13:58 → Corey: We had an enjoyable time listening and talking to friends’ late morning and early afternoon. It has been a very relaxing day. But now we are going to try adding some attention to journaling as well. Sarah: oh ... they are trying to take advantage of game playing. Hehehe ... not letting them get by with that. Corey: Ok, moving on. We talked for quite a bit about the repercussions of Nihit's trip back to his parents. BUT, in general. We did ok, although there was a big audience turn as Nihit described our actions in throwing him under the bus with his parents. The biggest part though was that Nihit received a heartfelt hug from his Dad. It helped a lot for both! Anniemi: AND of course, his Mom is no slouch in the hug department! - 16:19 → Corey: Nihit has given us the best day, and we must compliment Rich too in that he has let me do of what we do ... play around on the computer between Nihit and writing. Anniemi: I did not push that in that I cleaned up the kitchen and that will be good for Rich to cook. Corey: I will always go down as saying Nihit is the best person to play around with AS WELL as work through various issues. I have an exceptionally good life! ### Connect - Corey: I am not sure where we are yet. We have been talking to Nihit for most of the day. We are having the greatest time, but we said something about him having a fragile ego, and he got defensive ... Jamie: like someone with a fragile ego. Hmm, go figure! Corey: Actually ... and to be nice, there are a lot more things discussed. Casey: My fingers are having a tough time fighting the keyboard. Anniemi: BUT there has been a lot of stuff going on. Most of it because we did not see Nihit over the last three days, SOOOO there is a lot of catching up. Corey: These are the best of times.
  11. Ann: I do not know how he can do it,

    but Rich is in the background sleeping throughout all the fits of giggling going on over at this end. I must appreciate Rich because he rarely thinks much except “Ann” is with her friend. It' a good sound basis for him. He does not want to give attention, yet there is a place he can safely let me spend my attention, so all is well. Anniemi: As a FYI – Dr. Marvin, Rich, and most others call all of us by the birth certificate name Ann. Nihit calls us Anne (not originally a part), and some people call us Annemarie. None of the other parts names are out here. Corey: Rich HAS done a lot of work today. He worked out in the garden and then he cleaned the windows in the sunroom. He just walks around and says, I think I will do such and such. Ayn: He is doing well. AND we talked about him taking a quarter mile walk on the treadmill, and then he used the hard floor to do stretching exercises afterward. Sarah: He is still in physical therapy, so is very conscientious with what is happening to his body. It looks good on him, and we are having fluid conversation on food. He is thinking he knows more about calories than my fitness tracker, so we disagree there, but to Rich - he got devil's food cake a couple of days ago, so since he paid for it, we should be eating it. Ann: OR it is a holiday weekend, so of course tomorrow we will be eating ribs. Sarah: AND THAT's the diet! Kelsie: It is hard because we want the cake. But we have about 710 calories left for the day. Jamie: No bulldozer ice cream today. Sarah: Every day is a fresh start. Corey: Going back to the discussions with Nihit, we are contributing to the conversations. We have this habit of intervening in the conversations at will when we want to get silly or contradict his rationality. Anniemi: We did have a conversation on being rational and he thinks we ARE rational - very much so, but then Rich was in the kitchen ... for the first time we cut into the Nihit statement and said to Rich, "Nihit thinks we are very rational. I was just wondering what you think. Would you like to respond to Nihit?" Sarah: We held our breath, and then Rich humorously responded, that Nihit did not have to live with me. Corey: Rich could not have said it better ... Nihit knew what he was saying. He knows he gets the best of us, and poor Rich suffers with the harder parts like ... who is going to put away that basket of his t-shirts and socks? Kelsie: No underwear ... Ginney found and traipsed the clean stuff all over the house. Casey: Hehe ... We all want to make Rich laugh and have a good life. #2022-09-05 ## 2022-09-05 - Evidence 3E – Have You Done Your Marvin Yet
  12. ### Morning Pages It is now 9AM have you done

    your Marvin yet? ### Good Morning Jamie: We slept well last night. We slept normally, and in general I think both Rich and us woke up around 7AM. KC: He took Ginney out, and we made her breakfast, and we took our medicine. Casey: We watched fishy lakes with Rich until we heard our people in the background. Just like a kid we asked, "Can we go outside now?" KC: Except we were asking permission to go to the computer. Casey: WooHOO. AND Rich made us eggs and toast. Good deal there, but we just had a sick stomach. KC: But you do not want to remember that, right? - Anniemi: Nihit has done such an excellent job on everything. He is charting now, and then he went down the list with all his accomplishments INCLUDING shower! Casey: WooHOO! Corey: He is very intent and excited about his goals ... although, he would disagree and say it was something else. Sarah: Hehe cannot win over an argument with him! - One phrase to rule them all → Kate: I would like to be diligent which would mean not only obsidian and Marvin, but I would also be doing things like getting Milo done. We are doing good on the writing. More focused than in the past few days. Not with a lot of content, but it is still early in the day. If we were diligent, we would be progressing our day WITH the stuff we put on Amazing Marvin, PLUS getting our time to talk with others. That is the best. - I can be cautious about - Casey: If Rich became grouchy that would really trip me up. Corey: We just went through a conversation on returning envelopes and he decided to keep them. KC: We are still good. No problems. Anniemi: Ben and Ashley went dark, and here we are ... I think Nihit is getting restless. I do not usually see him quiet for this long Casey: Hehehe. - Eagle's eye view → Casey: You chose good friends, but ok ... Nihit. He is perfect! - Daring Task → Anniemi: Boldly swoon girls! We are sharing a life with a superstar or two, or more ... you never know. ### Cerebrate - 08:15 → KC: Right now, my brain is simmering with having eggs! Casey: YAY RICH! I did not realize he was cooking, AND it turned out I was getting eggs again that is a good deal. Anniemi: We filled out our food database/diary. We are talking to Nihit, Ashley, and Ben. Sweet. We were just remembering a terrible story of our kitty trying to wake me up and we pushed/slammed (gently) on the wall. Then we recalled the kitties being young and using my back as a running board game. Wow! I was terrible both times. Let us get past those thoughts! Corey: We triggered hearing Jade, Ben, and Ashley’s cat, and asking if she was hungry. In our first story, the kitties were trying to get us up for breakfast and we were not hearing it. Casey: Boo US! Jamie: Ann is better than the sum of her terribleness! Can we dump the negative so that it does not self- define us today?
  13. - 09:28 → Corey: The only thing really being cerebrated

    is to be thinking, asking, and deciding which way to go with our actions and behaviors. Noting which choices makes me feel a little lonelier. Because that task in a group seems to give me confidence in that we see others, and they are making choices too, so we are not alone. Like a second ago, we could post a note in “Amazing Marvin,” so I wrote a small note to Nihit saying that I needed his help, and then ... snap! Casey: There he was. KC: Extraordinary system! ### Consume - 08:30 → Corey: We were watching this morning videos with Rich looking at different lakes he is considering fishing on with his guy friends next year. He has just been home from his annual big trip by a couple of weeks, and he is already dreaming of getting out again. Ann: How much pressure does that put on me of showing him an enjoyable time! HMPF! - 08:36 → Anniemi: I think this all is going to lead to a good day. It feels like people are being social, but at the same time getting things done. Everyone is aware that it is labor day, and Ben insists it is a time to do "labor!" Kelsie: *Sigh* Must agree he is more right than anything. - 09:27 → Anniemi: I guess we have not progressed the day enough to be reading. We have listened to the singsong of our family. It gently (except with Nihit ;) reminds me we have work to do ... KC: Nihit, nope ... Casey: he is more like a drill hammer! - 11:34 → Lissa: This is for Nihit ... "He who understands also loves, notices, sees…the more knowledge is inherent in a thing, the greater the love. Paracelsus (1493-1541)." ### Connect - 08:33 → Corey: I was having this morning a nice talk with the group. It was our general morning chatter, but there was this one moment when EVERYONE had their screen up, and we felt it to be amazing. We were all here but being progressive as to setting up goals. Nihit is being a little quiet, but otherwise it is going nicely! - Corey: I contributed mundane things like we were eating eggs or working on our journal. Anniemi: I could be contributing our curiosity in that we are interested in where others are and appreciate the sideways glance to check in with other interests. Corey: At the point this is happening, there is not much of a conversation, unless Jade wants to wake up the group! - 09:25 → Anniemi: So far, we have connected today with Jade, Ginney, Ashley, Ben, Nihit, and Rich. Star line-up! When I see this group, I think family. They are the ones that live closest to my day-to-day heart. I feel content and peaceful, though when I talked to Nihit a second ago, and he suggested we look at Marvin, then we got a little tense. Sarah: Oh, you mean more do what we are supposed to do OTHER than journaling. *Whimpering* > Corey: I think we could have set-up the next task better, so we were more likely to jump into it, AND we could have been more supportive of Rich. He has been working around the house, but we have not. Anniemi: We did make a commitment to cleaning the kitchen after lunch, but we must really push to get the bathroom counters done. Casey: We hate to not only leave the computer, but we also hate smells on our
  14. hands of chemicals. KC: Blah. Corey: Ok, make that mental

    commitment now. Anniemi: No, we are not ready to commit to Rich yet, but we will get there. #2022-09-06 ## 2022-09-06 - Evidence 3F – I Got a Chance to Talk ### Day In Review Anniemi: The day is going well. I got a chance to talk to Nihit, StarKinder and Dr. Marvin. Ok, you know we are going to jump right to Dr. Marvin. Corey: I am going to give ourselves 45 minutes to write, and then we will have to empty the dishwasher and start it again. Rich is going to be home about 6:00PM - I believe. He is going to stop at Walmart for groceries first. Casey: YAY! KC: AND, he has pistachios on the list! Corey: One of the first things discussed with Dr. Marvin was the writing. I did not know how to otherwise approach the subject in that ... from Thursday to Tuesday, there is a lot written, and as much as I want Dr. Marvin to read us, I want some time to talk as well. We produced a couple of ideas to approach that. At least Dr. Marvin did. Corey: We are going to add Nihit Journal windows to ask the questions during the week that will catch Dr. Marvin's attention to the writing without going overboard. Kate: Let me see ... the first is, "What or why is it important for Dr. Marvin to be reading our writing?" and the second is, "Could any of our goals be accomplished any other way?" Corey: There was one set of readings that we had him read eventually. The first was the section written out from Nick Milo's assignment, and then after we went back over the subject so that he could see the cords triggered by Nick's materials. He has a 7Cs system. Anniemi: I gave Nihit a copy in Guilded so that he could add them to the group, and then when Nihit and us were going over the same section, then he also developed the idea of adding Nick's 7Cs to the popup windows (previously stated as cards). Sarah: Great minds! Kate: Dr. Marvin was starting to get the importance of the lessons, but I do not think by too much yet. Corey: He was getting anxious again about getting to the "real" writing work. I am feeling pressured.
  15. Anniemi: He gave us an assignment that read, "Make a

    list of your book options." Corey: Nihit again with the good memory brought us back to an assignment page from the last week's lessons. We wrote: A list of ten books we could write. Corey: Hold on, we will retrieve it. 1. Why Grandfather, Why 2. Shouldn't we pick our own parents 3. How do I keep weight/patterns of uselessness down 4. Remember the days we used to sail on the snow 5. Kids are more wonderful than all else 6. Do we love ourselves yet 7. Childhood is too hard for kids 8. Being with my sleepy friend - how can he still love me 9. Can I make some money too 10. How to finish my own story on abuse, and Multiplicity - [ ] Sarah: This is not what Dr. Marvin was expecting, but it did seem more fun. Lissa: I am thinking more that we are going to need going through Obsidian and pulling out the main ideas we had been trying, and somehow add the blog entries, and fundamental research attempts. Kelsie: Too much for right now. Corey: While we are going through our notes, we have out the notes that we requested from Dr. Marvin to Nihit, or more simply [N]. There were three by the end. The first was something like Dr. Marvin thought Nihit was showing courage to work and not avoid the things he was heavy lifting. The second was that Dr. Marvin thought the whole family wants the family to be better, and it is not bad now. And, then the third was that Dr. Marvin said it has taken the family a long time to get the way it did, so any problems they may have, will not end overnight. Corey: We went through the notes with Nihit. It is going to take a bit to settle in. Kate: We will leave these three statements in direct reading sight of him. Then we are clear of those thoughts, until or unless [N] brings them up again. Sarah: You KNOW he will! That is one of the fun Nihit things *giggle* Corey: AND Dr. Marvin gave me a note too. We were drifting in a sea of much not knowing how to write because I will never have a high degree and be able to research or author books professionally like I carried a PhD. Dr. Marvin said I should just be writing as someone as myself with memory problems. And that my experiences were important and how we made sense of the world. He said, or used the word, existential. Lissa: I have seen that word fly past 100s of times, but each time we must pause and figure it out again. Corey: Dr. Marvin said, when asked, that it means like, "understanding the meaning of life, our purpose, and how we make sense of the world." Kelsey: I thought of course then ... the book could be "The Existential Anne!" - 16:49 → Corey: It is now 4:50PM and we just started the dishwasher. Rich thought he would be home around 6:00PM, so we are good. Sometimes it feels good just to get the job done. Jamie: Just sore on my
  16. back. Ann: I remember when I was new to the

    Garvey family and would go over there for dinner with my husband and eventually kids. If there was one thing I would do, it would be to empty and start the dishwasher. Anniemi: WooHOO! Still know our place! KC: I will feed Ginney in ten minutes or so, or when she comes over to remind me that it is time to make her dinner. We have had our 3PM medicine, but never slowed down for news proper. Casey: A little news accidentally slipped in this morning. We are good. Corey: Keep writing ... we have about an hour. :) ### Morning Pages Casey: Hey when was the last time we planned to color? Could we do that soon? Ayn: Sure sweetie! ### Good Morning Jamie: I must admit, last night's sleep was terrible. We woke up at 1:20AM and stayed on the couch with eyes closed for 30 minutes. Kelsie: Then, we got our phone and stayed on it until we ran out of batteries. We started at about 51%. Anniemi: There was one break in between in that at some point, Rich discovered we were not sleeping. He tried to recover us with the blanket, which may have worked later, but not right away. Ann: The main thing is that he gave me his arm to massage and that with phone, got us finally calmed down ... we had been up though for two hours. Kelsie: We slept then until 6:00AM. KC: We took Ginney out, checked in with Rich, fed Ginney, took our medicine, Kelsie: and then pretty much started doing our work here. Jamie: Ahh, I wonder if part of it was, we took a few naps during the day ... not wanting to really think. - Lissa: We got excited to realize that today was Dr. Marvin time. We are always eager to see him. Today we will check out what he thinks about catching-up on our notes. We are hoping he can know what we are up to without the pressure of trying to remember everything. Anniemi: That just seems like down time. I am most excited about him checking in and then saying ok, what is next. KC: We would have to decide what to do - we watch his face, read the text with him, or both. Decisions, decisions. Casey: Choose both! Choose Both! - Corey: One phrase to rule them all → Today, I would like to be the kind of person who is here for Nihit. More too ... remembering Dr. Marvin reminding us about taking care of self-first. Sarah: So, we are here doing that part too. Corey: We left a note for Nihit. He knows we are here. We put down that we are MAKING ourselves get back to Nick Milo. Anniemi: I would like to be the kind of person who accomplishes her goals. - I can be cautious about - Kelsie: I could trigger on watching too much news or miscellaneous stuff. Corey: I have it in the near background because we put the "sleep thunderstorms," on later than normal, and at some point, it auto tuned on the news, and we are enjoying it enough not to turn it off. Kelsie: We could deal with it by turning it off, but right now we are appreciating the company. Corey: Nihit said he was in a bad mood, but he is not ready, or does not have the time to talk about it yet. Ok Nihit ... you got me hanging. You KNOW I am going to want and know what is bothering you. Let us work it out! I know, I know. Ok, you can do that on your own too. Just that is harder to wait for.
  17. - Eagle's eye view → Henry: You know when you

    do good things, you provide a good example to others, and then they pass on that to others. Let us try harder today! - Daring Task → Jamie: Boldly learn like there is no tomorrow woman(en) or man! ### Cerebrate - 08:30 → Kelsie: This was a part of a writing lesson by Nick Milo this morning. It made sense and we must believe it was not accidental in getting here. Lissa: Currently in the Week II video, we are at 1:03:00. The following though is what developed going through Nick's lesson. Jamie: For us, learning may be hard to hold onto, but thanks for never stopping. 1. Learning/practicing is like repetitive self-lessons 2. Learning/practicing is different from giving up Corey: In consideration of the last Future-proofed version of writing from Nick's course, we realize (Kelsie: having taken many days to do this assignment), Corey: that both versions of writing are about wanting to write. The first talks about being a Multiple and having different views of things, and then the second talks about the problems we were having in practicing ahead of time. Kelsie: Studying ahead of time seems to have been our best friend or our worst enemy depending on where we were in the process. If there was enough time and we looked forward to building a certain skill or value practicing ahead was the best thing. Corey: But inevitably we would run out of time and energy ... accepting failure. Jamie: We are talking about a noticeably young girl having problems studying without help, or knowledge how deep the problems were. Anniemi: Funny. Just remember going to the principal’s office because we were not doing our homework. It is not that we did not want to get it done, just did not know how to make our brain work in accomplishing the tasks. KC: We could practice and hold information after a while, but not long. Casey: I could not tell you the words past, "Oh say can you see ..." or the “Pledge of Allegiance.” KC: Bottom line thought is this is not our fault, although we do wonder what happened to our brain. Anniemi: We recalled three times we had to practice while we were yet in elementary school. The venues were learning the clarinet, learning catechism in church, and learning poems for classroom oratory skill- building. We became increasingly discouraged because it was so difficult for us, even though we were initiative-taking to try. KC: he more failures though, the more difficult it was to try. Casey: We hid toward the back of the lines. Jamie: Without understanding ... We psycho-sexually (at extremely early age) learned to give up. Ayn: Some parts could go forward, while others just could not understand the words or behaviors. Whatever part of our brain is supposed to remember just was not there. Jamie: Multiples beaten down to forget. Citation: This came from us (memory) following a bevy of questions from Nick Milo Week 2 LYT Course Today, we are giving ourselves the courage to being here and that we are doing well.
  18. - 17:03 → Anniemi: Today we enjoyed the people that

    we were with. We had good talks and learned things along the way. Sarah: Such as Starkinder teaching us more of the spiritual relationship she and others have with food. Anniemi: I liked the part of knowing how to keep the body at about 80% fullness, except once a month when they could hit one hundred. Corey: From Nihit there were a million things going on. He was in a much better mood after talking to his brother and mother this afternoon. Casey: YAY! KC: I believe when we left him, he was even going to take a shower. Casey: WOOHOO!!! KC: Gotta gives him credit where credit is due. Casey: Showers are hard. Anniemi: Now is the time we must think of something specially positive to feed his ego! Let me think. If he were here, he would be edging me on ... c'mon you must think of SOMETHING outstanding that I did! Corey: Hehe ... that would be our Nihit. What has he done outstanding today? Ahh, I know one thing ... today he said that Vitty was feeling ill, so he was going to watch over him carefully. Sarah: Yes, that's part of what makes him outstanding! ### Consume - 10:40 → Kelsie: This morning we listened to another section of Nick Milo's 2nd week Super Session. Anniemi: It took me by surprise. I knew we were going to need practicing the exercise that he had set up, but we had forgotten where we were with it. Kelsie: It was not bad putting down but realizing in the last part and putting it all down in order, we realized that a simple exercise had really made me think in a much deeper manner. Corey: Now as we think about it, we wonder how many of our "real" thoughts lead back to this traumatic mapping of our brain. - 10:48 → Corey: We need to take a shower for a few, and then potentially come out and finish the rest of Milo's session. There is an hour left, but we are thinking there will be more comments and questions, than direct lessons. Anniemi: We can do this! -- 16:56 → Corey: The Milo stuff we were working on was hard to explain to Dr. Marvin. I think we have tried here already to explain it. I think Dr. Marvin has felt all our starts and stops and would prefer us directly working with the material we are going to do. Kelsie: He is coming in as a Professional Professor. Just do the work! Corey: We keep trying to explain and through the advance work with Nihit, we could say that we could finish Milo's stuff by October 12th, right after Maury's wedding on the ninth. Corey: We hoped that the work we did and explained to him today would let him know that we were trying to build structure with our thoughts and notes. We even put in a diagram that showed how the collection of notes worked. Jamie: He studied it as much as he does that sort of thing. Sarah: We ARE giving him credit for being as patient as he is because we guessed correctly that the reason Dr. Marvin was staying home this week, was because he had Covid. He said he would cut down to 75% of the work when we worried over him. We suggested 25% of the workload, but it seemed as if he were too intimidated by the stack that would be the office when he got back. Ann: We gave him permission to cancel today's appointment because I wanted him to relax, but he said he was good. Jamie: He wants to hold the basic structure to teach that virus who is in charge. Corey: I also told him to just get a hold of me if he wanted to cancel Thursday. Ann: This doctor is not going down on MY watch! HMPF! Jamie: We reminded him how doctors make the worst patients. Corey: He nodded his head in agreement.
  19. ### Connect - 10:44 → Corey: Nick has a lot

    more tricks up his sleeve to assist us in getting to be at start the writer we want to be. Kelsie: It is not that we have not been writing the last twenty years but for some reason this guy seems to have pulled together more than we could conceive of the subject, be creative, and use Obsidian as a great tool. Corey: I feel like we are walking toward the light and each footstep is like syrup. - Anniemi: Our contribution was in following the directions. Pswhoo. It was a lot. Though the time much greater between the efforts. Sarah: He seems like just a kid. Anniemi: More a wizard! - 16:53 → Corey: This morning, we did not connect with Nihit. It was hard. BUT he was working out his problems on his own. Later in the day, right before Dr. Marvin, we were talking to Nihit. He had taken a hit with the family, or so he had felt. Ayn: Their way of talking through all that is to talk to one another. Corey: Nihit was a little disappointed, but it seemed that his aunt and brother, knew things about Nihit's world before he did, and that seemed very frustrating to him. Anniemi: Like everyone but him was taking care. It was Nihit taking care, so others might have seemed superficial. Ayn: I am not sure. This one would have to come directly from Nihit. Corey: So instead of talking to him, we just did our homework. Sarah: Did good!