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Chapter 4 - Writing Scope and Writer's Roles

December 03, 2022

Chapter 4 - Writing Scope and Writer's Roles

Pt arrived on time. Started with brief discussion of writing scope and role of having writer reading items. Reviewed pros/cons of reading, goals, options for defining parameters. Agreed to try some options during session. Briefly reviewed interval updates to journal - rather than reading all, attempted to pick out highlights. Journal system is still working well. Pt has continued = ongoing conversations with N. He is dealing some family stressors. Pt is supportive. They have practiced setting/keeping boundaries. Reviewed process. Reflected on her role in being supportive vs. problem solving for another person. Moved on to reviewing writing process. Continues to take part in online writing workshops. Reviewed writing exercise from this week. Explored how this could be useful for her and how it fits into current writing practice. Feels it is helpful in organizing and developing skills as a writer/note taker independent of the final project goals/topic. Once she finishes the workshop, feels she will be able to make more decisions about next steps. Discussed outline of process for making decision - ended with keeping a running list of options. Reviewed goals for the week.


December 03, 2022

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  1. #2022-09-06 ## 2022-09-06 - Evidence 4A – Writing Scope &

    Writer’s Roles ### Dr. Marvin's Notes Pt arrived on time. Started with brief discussion of writing scope and role of having writer reading items. Reviewed pros/cons of reading, goals, options for defining parameters. Agreed to try some options during session. Briefly reviewed interval updates to journal - rather than reading all, attempted to pick out highlights. Journal system is still working well. Pt has continued = ongoing conversations with N. He is dealing some family stressors. Pt is supportive. They have practiced setting/keeping boundaries. Reviewed process. Reflected on her role in being supportive vs. problem solving for another person. Moved on to reviewing writing process. Continues to take part in online writing workshops. Reviewed writing exercise from this week. Explored how this could be useful for her and how it fits into current writing practice. Feels it is helpful in organizing and developing skills as a writer/note taker independent of the final project goals/topic. Once she finishes the workshop, feels she will be able to make more decisions about next steps. Discussed outline of process for making decision - ended with keeping a running list of options. Reviewed goals for the week. Global Improvement (CGI-C): No change Assessment: - Moods stable this interval. Working to maintain progress with writing and balance with other activities. - Continues to be active with several projects. - Able to contract for safety. Assessment: - Able to work out boundaries with online friend, N - being supportive, not taking more responsibility than she should, - Review of home videos ongoing. Goal remains to process smaller pieces of the video as time allows. - Continues to work to balance time online with reading/household tasks.
  2. - Validated/reinforced pacing/timing with reading/writing projects, home tasks, interpersonal interactions.

    - Looking to return to larger writing project (trauma narrative) - goals/product/audience. Current online writing class assisting with structure to writing. #2022-09-07 ## 2022-09-07 - Evidence 4B – How Did That Happen ### Cerebrate - 10:22 → Our mind is at the point of trigger in that this is the first time of our day we are writing, and it is already 10:24AM. How did that happen? We are already past our first snack, zooming in on lunch! We were with Rich until about 8-8:30AM. Then we did some taking care of the mail and FB before Nihit finally signed on. There is an enjoyable conversation going on now between he and his cousin Vitti. They had been both talking to us, and then Nihit had to go private. I do not think I was helping his cause. There was a little time prior to that where we talked to him one-on-one, and we got to talk to StarKinder for a few. I am a little excited to see what is happening next. This is trigger from being in rousing conversations, and then left to my own. I want to get back to ... hey where is the excitement!?? Is today going to be one of those days with great meaning? Why do not we try! ### Consume - 10:31 → We watched a couple minutes of the video StarKinders shared. The book is, "The Mystical Secrets of Water - Sadhguru." I watched it little because it was triggering. I was having trouble just the way the guru was talking. He spoke excellent English, but it was slower than even Obama. I guess as well, I was not ready to receive properly what he had to say. Later. - 12:10 → Today has been a bit confusing. Parts are coming in and out and there is a general though of us needing to reset. I am not sure where we dislodged. We heard the last part of a conversation that it
  3. could have had something to do with exercise. I am

    not sure. We would like to try the treadmill and see how comfortable we are. I know it was important that someone was going to try doing. Shoelaces. Hold- on must do something there. Yay! We are getting new tennis shoe laces. Nihit said to write down that Rich was very loving in taking and answering our call. Hehe They're so cute! That is all the important stuff. ### Connect - 10:34 → I had a nice talk with Nihit this morning. He was vaguer at the beginning and between the two of us we were bouncing off, or between topics. One of the last topics was about MyFitnessPal (MFP). Nihit was talking a little about how exercise elevated the amount of calories you could consume or lose. Also, in the conversation was talking about he, his aunt, and his aunt's sister, had gone out for a healthy walk. It fell into a religious conversation that Nihit wanted to tell me about, but we were sitting back and observing the story from a distance. I am an easy sell. Do not care to talk about religion a lot. Do not have to sell me that radicalization is bad! - I did not contribute much to the conversation. It was more like, "Next?!" - 10:39 → Last night just before Rich got home (about 6:15PM), we had a very deep triggering conversation with Nihit. He was very triggered traumatized going through the conversation. For us it was hard .... shh he is back. Big Part jump ... I do not know what we were talking about here. I must talk about other stuff ... just not sure what yet. We were just talking to Nihit. Then we got confused. Now I gotta get out of confused. I do not know what to think about. We have Dr. Marvin tomorrow. We were supposed to do something for him. Someone left a check mark thing I think on yesterday's writing. We should copy and paste that to today's writing. There are a lot of notes on our desk. I thought we got those down yesterday or the day before. I know if I look at them that would be good, but I do not really want to know what they say. Dr. Marvin would say it is ok to be confused, and then maybe he would ground us. Dr. Cooper used to say to touch something while being conscious of it. I am touching the keyboard. I am a good typist. It is hard to think of anything. I have a lot of drinks on our desk. 1 1/2 waters, and two half Gatorades, AND a couple sips of coffee. I can mix them, but not the Gatorade, because one is yellow, and one is orange. One I can drink u-p. I do not like having so many bottles ... it adds to the confusion. There done! Let me throw the empty bottles away and let go of the cup. Washroom time. That is about fitting. We are back. We just had lunch and about a half hour of TV. They have John King going into too much fall political races across the country. It is now on the background. There were some updates in that they now know the severity of at least one of the documents taken from Trump. He is supposed to have had
  4. nuclear DEEPLY deep secrets on another countries nuclear program. I

    do not know how that news came to play, but there it is. Sorry about disrupting this question's category ... Just trying to catch up. #2022-09-08 ## 2022-09-08 - Evidence 4C – Where Were We While Listening ### Day In Review We are having a genuinely lovely day. I am not sure where we were, but we have been listening and talking to Nihit and a new person to Gather that we had met before named Martin. He is a pro at so many computer things and we have been throwing out Nihit's programs for him to share so we do not seem too unintelligent - 14:49 → Not at all. We are now talking to Martin about note-taking systems, and he is a fantastic guy to learn from ... he is very quick about his speech and thoughts, so it is easy to follow. He checks in often. AND his experiences are way over the top. ### Good Morning Sleep last night seems to have been good. I do not remember getting up for the washroom, but there is a good chance we did. We were dreaming when we woke up, but we did not recall the dream. We did get up and do the normal things ... check on Ginney, Rich, and then started our tasks. Ginney went out, we took our medicine, and we fed Ginney. Rich fed us. That is all the morning! - One thing to get excited about is that we want to go over some learning from something, more likely Nick's second video of the second week. There is also the Nihit exposures! We never know where he is
  5. at, but it is now about 7:15PM in India where

    he is at, so maybe he will sign on soon. Nihit? Are you here? - One phrase to rule them all → STUDIOUS! That is what we want. We want to be studious today. It is the fall thoughts where people are going back to school. I am looking around and thinking yes, balance ... we will get the clothes washed too, but I would like to be here. WOW! You know that is an idea. Wouldn't it be nice to read a paper book? Let me see. Which one? *Giggling* We did go over just now to the other desk, but we found our coloring books more interesting than the reading books. I think someone has been asking to color. We just did a third of one page. It was the geographic pictures. I like it thought we are not incredibly good at choosing the light/darkness of the parts. Or for that matter the ones that go together ... I would like to look up something for choosing colors again. ### Cerebrate - 08:03 → Rich cooked the eggs this morning - I guess that is what my brain done. Hehe. Just a warm fuzzy thought leftover from Rich. We went through the Chrome tabs, dismissed the unnecessary ones, and did the Amazing Marvin. Speaking of ... Dr. Marvin took a sick day today. I am SOOOO grateful he did. He is fighting Covid, and we told him last time if he was going to work, it should be at 25% instead of 75%. We told him that we would be good if he wanted to cancel, and he DID then cancel yesterday for today. Good Dr. Marvin! Covid-19 is nothing to sneeze at! Wouldn't it be cool if you got everything INCLUDING the quilting done? How long has it been? ### Consume - 08:08 → The only thing we watched at this time of the morning was Rich getting ready for work routine. He gave us enough time to talk/listen while he was making, and then eating eggs/toast with us. He is doing a lot of advanced work with work. His top employee (floor manager) Star is now getting a divorce. Rich is thinking of putting her on salary instead of hourly, plus giving her another bump in money. I do not think she is going anywhere, but he is really appreciating she can now work on her own. She ran the floor for the entire week Rich was in MN fishing. I know he does not want to lose her. - 08:23 → I think today ... we want to accomplish something but what ... the normal things that are going on? Ahh one of the things we did yesterday was watch and take notes on a long 1h 40m video. It was Dr. Gabor Mate - How Trauma Fuels Disease. I will need to review the notes today and see if we can summarize some of it. Here. That is something for today! AND it was something remembered from yesterday, YAY! ### Connect - 08:11 → There was a lot yesterday. I think for a while we were having trouble communicating outward. There were a few switches while we were talking to Nihit. It was toward religion conversations, but I am not sure if that is what did it. I do not know who was out, or who came in. Just that the second part had more confusion and less ability to talk at the rate we usually do with Nihit. I must really think hard to see if there was anything yesterday, we could catch. I know we filled in the entire day's meals. We talked to Nihit in the afternoon until Rich got home.
  6. - We just heard a 3–4-minute song played on the

    piano from above the pianist’s position so that we could watch her play the keyboard. Wow, that was nice. I would like more of it. This is what we are contributing to the conversation. Usually, we know we are IN the conversation, but do not remember too much later. Ok, we have said this a million times. We can think of a clue. What was happening with Nihit? Hmm, several moments have gone by ... we should take note of this is one of the reasons we write ... we cannot recall very well, at least enough to get us started. Let us take a note here to try and write throughout the day, k? - 23:09 → Nihit is the best. That he is just the best, no less, he is impressive!!!!!!!!!!! ~Nihit ### Anne's Summary of Dr. Gabor Mate's notes on, "How Trauma Fuels Disease." Trauma affects doctors, patients. people in war, extreme abuse, catastrophes, and when good things are not happening, nor emotional needs. It could lead to chronic illness, particularly through the autoimmune system. It affects stress, coping mechanisms, suppression, and our roles in society. With trauma, you are not living your authentic life. You may recover from trauma when encouraged to find natural rhythms and balance. Trauma affects one’s sense of uncertainty, lack of control, information processing, and an ability to resolve conflicts. Other faults of trauma are that it affects peoples' sense of loneliness and problems with addictiveness. Factors are the autoimmune diseases after acculturation, politics, individuals’ roles within society, generational traumas, and epigenetic tendency. Trauma affects one’s adaptive ability to strategize and proceduralize. And it could give to future generations. Abused kids are not able to connect with parents/ Trauma robs the child's childhood. No one is immune. It prevents secure attachments. Children need to experience all their emotions fully and acceptably. They need free play (away from the Internet), gain a sense of agency where they can roam outdoors and participate in life decisions including their own health. They need to feel their own authenticity, anger, acceptance, autonomy and contact their real selves and interests. We do not need to suffer before we investigate healthy perspectives. But once affected though by trauma, we want to prevent deeply ingrained patterns. We need to change patterns that imprint discouragement and apathy. We want to prevent from fueling victimhood and helplessness. Often traumatized identities show earlier loss of agency. It is healthy to find reality other than trauma that gives us life meaning. We can look at it fearlessly and not allow it to define us as human beings. Trauma is not us; trauma is the internal psychological wound inside - and CAN correct. We need to take responsibility and not blame. And it is up to us not to push onto the lives of our children. It is up to us to unpack our pressures and develop safe environments to talk. Growth of one family member, can lead to growth in others. Kids are resilient but do not deserve the traumas we suffered.
  7. Abraham Maslow's Self-actualization is possible by not accepting regular standards

    (or deviated) of others. What we are looking for is the pursuit of enlightenment. It is walking the recovery spectrum and getting better and better - it is about a path, NOT the destination. The transcendence channel leads to a pinnacle which is service to others. It is up to us to love unconditionally, remain neutral, resist putting your anxieties on others, and finding balance, healthy boundaries, guideposts and knowing when to say no. Mate ended by saying compassion is present that allows you to see the truth. See it as clearly as you can, and it will become a natural attribute of how you move through our world. #2022-09-09 ## 2022-09-09 - Evidence 4D – We Need to Remember Some Appointments ### Morning Pages We need to remember some appointments. We have a lung doctor on the 12th, and on the 20th, we are getting are haircut and died. WOW! ### Good Morning Good morning. Sleep was a little up and down. I made myself count how many times we used the washroom - FIVE TIMES! What the fuck happened there? I do not remember really getting up ... more like coming back. They all merged. Do not know why we started counting either ... started on the second or third trip. Eh... One thing that might have been the matter is that we started taking some new over the counter nutrients. They are: Solgar Gentle Iron 25mg Capsules Multi Collagen Protein 2025mg Capsules
  8. Premium Psyllium Husk Fiber Supplement 1450mg Capsules NOW Supplements -

    Potassium Citrate 99mg Capsules. We will see. A few are more than once a day, and we are starting them all together, just because we are in a rush to see what happens. We can do this, right? - We came down a little in weight today. Not a pound, but we will always take a negative number. - One phrase to rule them all → I would like to be alert today and conscientious of the choices we are making. We had a lot of fun with Nihit yesterday and we want to do well by not only us, but by him! - I can be cautious about - Our body might not take well to new over the counter (OTC) supplements. We will see. We started them last night. Hehe ... Poor Nihit did not want anything to do with them. He asked, "Did you talk to your doctor?" I said, "You’re a doctor and we're telling YOU!" But, he said, no he did not want to have anything to do with it. Wow. Get professional on me! No, we did not talk to a doctor. they were OTC. We will see how it comes out by about January when we have an appointment. Just looking for clues that there are changes like times up to the bathroom, and loss of weight. See? We are on top of it - Eagle's eye view → Queen Elizabeth the II died yesterday. Let us not get into all that second-by- second watching and repeating of the story, k? - Daring Task → Wow! A shower, AND first thing in the morning w/o anyone telling us what to do? WOW! I miss Dr. Marvin. He would care :) ### Consume - 09:15 → This morning we listened to a video from a newer friend, Martin. It was "Core Idea: Slow Productivity," by Cal Newport. I got the general idea of people overplanning and underproducing. I missed the last few moments because he was talking about publishing his books. The author wrote two books simultaneously. I am not sure how well he took his own lesson on evening out the stride - 11:12 → We've already spelled out the work with listening to Milo's 2nd video for the 2nd week. We see more work ahead but am looking forward to some of the examples we saw of others' work after they had gotten through the 5 - 6 weeks. I liked the home page framework people put together. Just must listen to all the details and follow-through. - 11:24 → I am having a wonderful day. We had a spotting of Nihit and Aanya, and we learned that Martin's daughter is about five years older than Aanya, and her name is Johanna. Sweet - a LOT of Anne things going on here! I think that Nihit is a little tired out. Aanya has him busy, but it is about her bedtime. I am sure he will be in soon after with a bowl of dinner. Better get our calories down! - 12:28 → Simple reflection of how we are feeling about the week. ### Guide Session - Eleanor Konik - June 22, 2022 12:29PM Having a good week and appreciate watching some more videos and being able to write. There is a little more pressure thinking of Maury's wedding coming up. Things about dress, weight, shoes, hair,
  9. makeup, and Ginney. I have not been doing a lot

    of talking with Maury, so that end leaves us feeling a little off base as well. What have I learned I have recently learned how to work with Nihit in combining attention to notes through Obsidian - both through Journals, but as well how to combine vaults and flourish! I remembered something that Martin said when he asked if he gave the kind of information that would help me. We are paraphrasing, but that stuck in my head because I worried that I pushed him too much in the conversation. We were talking about Austria's part or response to Putin's war against Ukraine. Can I relate the two things together ... I can relate the two conversations together by the familiarity through Nihit, and the newness of Martin in going at different speeds of conversation and privacy. There is a fast forward running ahead with Nihit (after knowing him for one year) and a very sudden slow down and be cautious, because we feared in Martin's response that I had pushed him to a slight wall in that he did not know how or why I might use the information we asked. Such as why was it important. We came to also two different versions of Ann, and we were shyly realizing that he was without awareness catching me at two parts of ourselves with different views of the world and with ourselves. Nihit on the other hand shrugs his shoulder and we know he has gotten a point or view ... with curiosity, but for sure ... more chances than not he is going to circle back Hehe! HEY! Either case we are getting known AND having conversations! They Rock! As to why is it something we cared about ... The first was in the broad realizations of the profound differences between seeds and new growth next to evergreen relationships. Each of terrific value. The last part was that we were a little perplexed and then grateful of a new relationship where he/she could find something of interest in our being that caught their attention. It is like WOW! Picking up a brand-new book! And, that we were a new book to him. Everything turns as it should. An educational situation over a large period of history - like classic writing, and then there is a character with a young boy comes to his first steps, and he asks, "Where does the moon go?" And so maybe within the theme of the movie, there would be different people they will meet representing distinct levels of consciousness (along with plant growth theme) ... but the scholar then sees himself within the curious eyes of the young boy and in a whirlwind his educative career folds down to something young and becoming, but no bigger than a grain of sand. ### Cerebrate - 09:20 → Our brain is trying to be productive ... so, thinking it is a suitable time to start laundry AND start the videos again. There is going to be a lot of writing assignments. I must look forward to that. I would prefer to get up and talk with Nihit. *Sigh* Ok, Laundry... Or grapes?
  10. You know there might be better ways to do laundry.

    How about we drop the dirty clothes in the washing machine daily and see how that goes? - 11:04 → We are still thinking of the video we just completed. It was Nick Milo's on "sensemaking." I think what we got out of it most was the idea of making a page of concepts. This was easier than we thought because we took the ideas, we had written out during his spark video/exercises, and we placed most of the ideas within the double brackets. [[writing]] [[Conversations]] [[Quilting]] [[Piano playing]] [[Reading]] [[Thinking]] [[Visiting w/Family]] [[Political News]] [[Comedies]] [[Psychology]] [[PKM]] [[Note-making]] [[The Mind and Mental Processes]] [[Sexual Abuse and Trauma]] [[Education]] [[Love of my life]] [[Questions: Why, How can I make things better, Can I help]] [[Dr. Marvin]] [[finding truth]] [[appreciating wonder]] [[Being a happy spirit]] [[We're still a Multiple]] [[People need to be honest]] [[Great Listening]]
  11. [[Patience]] [[Book Title 1. Why Grandfather, Why?]] [[Book Title 2.

    Shouldn't we pick our own parents?]] [[Book Title 3. How do I keep weight/patterns of uselessness down]] [[Book Title 4. Remember the days we used to sail on the snow]] [[Book Title 5. Kids are more wonderful than all else]] [[Book Title 6. Do we love ourselves yet]] [[Book Title 7. Childhood is too hard for kids]] [[Book Title 8. Being with my sleepy friend - how can he still love me]] [[Book Title 9. Can I make some money too]] [[Book Title 10. How to finish my own story on abuse, and Multiplicity]] After we completed that part, he had us choose a few and ask the questions, 1. What was good about our concept 2. What was bad about our concept 3. And, what was the cause ... this is a trickier question He had a couple of group exercises which we did not get as much out of, but I liked how the spark list dovetailed to here. Do you know you did one video ... two might be better? Sure, do the laundry ... they go hand in hand! ### Connect - 11:14 → We had a nice talk with Martin ... it was just a few moments between things. He was interested and watched the last few moments of Milo's video with us. It was nice to have the company, and it led to him showing us a conference he will be attending over the weekend. It is the European Skeptics Congress 2022 in Vienna Austria. Wow! Be very cool. I do not have enough information on "Skeptics," though I have heard the term bantered about. I think that if I keep listening to what interests the people that are falling into our PKM world, I will eventually grow as the group sways back and forth. Always something to be doing! - Biggest contribution I have is in interest. We just looked up a few things and there is one side that is Euroscepticism, and the other side that is pro-Europeanism, or European Unionism. I am going to need asking Martin if this is what the main conversation is about. By looking at the meetings abstract, there is a lot on structure and science, plus education, substance abuse, and the environment - not necessarily in that order. I do not know at all what kinds of problems they are having, and I am curious to find out how Putin might affect this group.
  12. #2022-09-10 ## 2022-09-10 - Evidence 4E – We Took A

    Morning Shower ### Morning Pages We did good in that we took this morning a shower close to first thing ... four days in a row. We are doing it. All the Nihit learning lessons are sinking in. ### Good Morning Sleep was good last night. Only remember waking up a couple of times, and not much about that. When I woke up, we were having a dream that I recalled a bit later, but then again forgot. We woke at 4:30AM. Like what? What? Why is the dog sleeping on me? Fluffbottom[^1] seems to like curling up with us when Rich gets up earlier. Rich was over on his couch about ready to take his shower. He was trying to get her down, but we were having the most heavenly feeling as we pet across her soft chest. "No, leave her :) I am loving the hell out of her!" We murmured. When Rich was getting out of the shower ... either Ginney or us moved, but not substantially Mostly she was going from close to closer. Sometimes laying straight atop her all fours, and others kicking off, so she laid down on her left side with neck tucked under my chin. We are quite a couple! One way or another there is always a lot of fluff by my mouth ... we must pat it down, so it is not “breathed up!” So, overall!?? Sleep was good! - Hmm, thinking about the day ... Rich was up early to fish with Bob, and then he has an MRI appointment this afternoon about 1:30PM, so might be home 3-3:30PM, BUT I forgot he is stopping at Walmart too, and to pick-up our medicine. He might not get home until 4:30-5:00pm.
  13. Ok, nothing exciting there! Anything else? Not much. Just a

    regular Saturday. I am going to try getting to the Digital Garden meeting at 10:00AM ... I am curious about that and realize I have missed two-weeks already. I can do this ... just must put my writing off. AHA! Nihit is back! - One phrase to rule them all → I want to be the kind of person today who can be available to others - especially Nihit, but as well be more interested in studying alone. It is hard ... it is so much easier to listen to Nihit. Yesterday, we got to be a mother to Thom. He was talking about his work. He has accreditation which includes his boss’s boss being down from the Pentagon. He expects to get a helpful review. He says it is only one day, but he has been preparing for it for quite some time. And then later he is going to get one that lasts longer, but of a different nature. One of the other things we found ourselves talking about is that we asked him about security clearances. The news talks of different clearances of the material found in Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort. Come to find out ... Thom not only has Top Secret Clearance, but he also has MANY of the other more bundled clearances. I did not dare ask further. But it is cool having something like that going on in our family. YAY Thom! As to his work load? Would not want it if they paid me! - I can be cautious about - I could get a little mopey just being on our own today ... for example if Nihit found other things to do like sleep. I know that we must ALWAYS allow for that, but We are having another harder week in respect to Dr. Marvin only having one session this week. This is sad - Eagle's eye view → You will feel better today if you do the things that you know would be good for you. Remember? - Daring Task → Nihit says, "Oh Man Ann! I cannot believe you got so much work done today!"[^2] ### Cerebrate - 09:43 → Our brain has decided to eat broccoli w/thousand island. Ginney has gone back to the couch ... She says, "Folks, nothing to see here." We have been having fun talking to Nihit for a bit, but it was time to move on because we each had our separate things to do. We have about 15 minutes before our meeting. I am not very dependable. I hope that it will be ok, that I am with Joshwin, Conrad, Ben, and Ashley. Ashley and Joshwin are here already YAY! Sorry ... we have been in a different land ... can we dock to your station again? ### Consume - 09:48 → We've been listening to Nihit ... so mostly we have been listening, but we like to challenge his thinking too. This morning we got a chance even to see some of his baby pictures and as a little kid. I find
  14. it endearing for him to cuddled by his parents. We

    saw him wedged between their book life. Both would become medical doctors. What a cool upbringing. I know there would have been problems too. They both had busy careers, but they came home I believe and loved the hell out of their kids! [^1]: Ha-ha Nice One! [^2]: I have never used the phrase "Oh Man Ann!" #2022-09-12 ## 2022-09-12 - Evidence 4F – Complete the Journal ### Ideas for Dr. Marvin-type questions I: - Do we have any riveting goals today? Should we have? - Our riveting goal for today is to stay on top of Amazing Marvin, AND to complete the journal - using it to its best of ability. - What are some writing cues to start, or give us ideas which lead to or include writing/reading about Multiplicity, trauma, and getting better as a human being? - Continue reading/highlighting the notes/writing PDF ... right now p. 62 of 138. Afterward set the goal to go back and paraphrase. - Complete another video or two from week two ... we are already behind ... let us see what we can do. - Both above need to be complete to get back to the real research - Which food labels do we need to add to our journal? - We are good on labels - We might want to ask if we can add anything using the tennis shoes and treadmill
  15. - Are all today's entries in My Fitness Pal (MFP)?

    - So far at 7:39AM we are good - What exercising could I commit to today? - Rich is about ready to get rid of the treadmill ... are we going to walk on it to prove it should stay or let it go because the incumbent bike will be easier? - What have we done (and can do) to balance our activities, assuring household, piano, and quilting as well? - We should look at the quilting this afternoon seriously. At least hold the material and walk through in our mind. ### Ideas Log - Do we have an idea (note) for our idea log? Any burning note or question to scramble down? - Put away Rich's clothes (underthings). #2022-09-13 ## 2022-09-13 - Evidence 4G – Moving Past Our Earlier Morning ### Cerebrate - 11:00 → We are moving past our earlier morning. The cooked-up idea is getting into and forward moving on Zettlekasten (ZK) PLUS our medical conundrums. We also checked on Marvin and made sure that all was in order with Make Work Fun (MWF). Blah. So? What is next? Next, I guess is going over the Concepts Index (9-12-22) that we pulled together yesterday from our larger unorganized concepts. I would like to do something with it, but I think the next step might be to go back to the 138-page PDF. The author was about ready to show us how he had managed the ZK numbering system. I want to use numbering system with notes and within the system on top the page, or just tags with the numbers ... so if the question of "How can I help others?" Was
  16. I.A1.a1.aa ... a good place to start? Thinking that it

    is a flat system - like putting things in organized files. It did however get us to the place where our initial concepts organized and should start the whole zshabang! We are talking about the Concepts - Index Oh, did we say that we had watched this too? "How to Take Smart Notes - Book on a Page, Zsolt's Visual Personal Knowledge Management," Zsolt, 8-7-22" Found 9-12-22 at https://youtu.be/o49C8jQIsvs. Next found us here. Take Literature Notes in Obsidian, Josh Duffney, (Dec 15, 2021). This got us interested in the series. He is knowledgeable and has walked around many systems. His videos were short and pointed. Next time we start ... we will go here with him here ... he does ZK notes AND Obsidian, "Getting Started: Dec 10, 2021 (video 1 of 9). Found 9-13-22 at https://youtu.be/YnktS_eAIxs. We triggered by trying to figure out a system that will work while cross-referenced by several people to see which or which combination of systems work. AHA! This must be the working Ann. What about the get in the shower Ann who is due for a shower in 6 minutes?