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How To Document Business Systems

How To Document Business Systems

This speaker deck will teach you on how to document business systems effectively. David Jenyns explains the importance of documenting core systems.

This presentation is from the Outsourcing Profit Machine Workshop. To learn more and view other presentations, visit http://www.melbourneseoservices.com/seo-products/outsourcing-training-dvds/

David Jenyns

June 17, 2014

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  1. YOU'VE SEEN THESE BEFORE • Predefined repeatable process to produce

    consistent outcomes • Franchises (McDonalds) • Systems everywhere • You day is a system / routine • Whether you're conscious or not conscious • Look at the results of your current system
  2. I BECAME OBSESSED • Trading systems • P13 example •

    SEOmethod • How we hire, how we manage team members, etc.
  3. IN BUSINESS • Your entire business is a system with

    sub systems • A set of processes repeated to give your client an outcome • marketing process (finds, keeps, grows) • fulfilment process (develops, delivers, improves) • operation process (finance, HR, customer service) • Blockbuster vs Netflix
  4. ALL PROBLEMS START HERE • My apprentice • my system

    for hiring • my system for training • my system for quality control
  5. ALL YOU NEED • Have the right systems • Get

    the right people • Ergo the first system you need is the hiring one
  6. REMEMBER • B players make an excellent system avg •

    A players make an avg systems excellent
  7. SYSTEM ARCHITECT • Identify problem and define your objective •

    Must do the job task themselves first • Any team member can follow it and get the result
  8. DOCUMENTING THE PROCESS • Precise step by step notes •

    More detail = cheaper + faster • Jargon free • Make a video • Record mistakes • Never perfect first time • Include example end result • <Ezine Example>
  9. SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION • Visual (video), auditory(video), kinestheic (do it) •

    Test and tweak with a small group • Feedback early and often • Make it part of your training • Monitor and improve (edit me comments)
  10. TEACH THE SYSTEM • Remember the process we teach people

    by • 1. Show them • 2. Do it with you • 3. Do it on their own (flawlessly) • 4. Teach someone else
  11. MAKE IT WORK WITHOUT YOU • Research, content, site build,

    traffic • Cross communicate • Keeps work moving but don't know whole process • I don't stress too much about it
  12. SUPER PRO MOVE • Having contingency plans (more than one

    person on a system) • A system to create systems • Hire a consultant to develop the systems
  13. BUSINESS SYSTEMS 2.0 • Most people spend too much time

    on their backend • Build a system (know your profit model) • Know your lifetime value of a client • Acquire as many leads for less than that value
  14. PETE'S EXAMPLE • Flow charts for mapping processes • Video

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