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How To Hire A Team Of 'A' Players

How To Hire A Team Of 'A' Players

This speaker deck will teach how to hire a team of 'A' players for your business. David Jenyns will walk you through the method that he uses for his businesses - from knowing what you want, writing your job ad up to deciding which candidate to hire.

This presentation is taken from the Outsourcing Profit Machine Workshop. To learn more and view the other presentations, visit http://www.melbourneseoservices.com/seo-products/outsourcing-training-dvds/

David Jenyns

June 17, 2014

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  1. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? • Out-tasking
 3rd party services,

    one offs, testing the water • Outsourcing
 Working direct, re-occurring tasks, ready on the bench • Insourcing
 On the payroll, what needs doing, building the team !
  2. HIRE 'A' PLAYERS • B players make A players play

    like B players • Mis-hire costs 6 times their salary (Brad Smart) • Hire slow, fire quick
  3. THE GEORGE FOREMAN METHOD • Know who you're looking for?

    • Write the ad • Advertising the position • Pre-screen resumes • Questionnaire for applicants • Tasks to complete • Interview top grading style
  4. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT • What needs to be done?

    • How long will it take? • Map out their normal week • Write out a job description
  5. IMPORTANT QUALITIES • Some things you just can't teach •

    Honest • Responsive • Attention to detail ! ! • Consistency • Self starter / resourceful • Loves the internet + computers • Excellent English skills
  6. WRITING THE JOB AD • Understand your target market •

    The right bait for the right fish • Make it personal, make it real • Use your copyrighting skills • <Real world example>
  7. WHERE TO ADVERTISE • Your virtual bench • Your A

    player's recommendations • jobsstreet.com (Philippines) • Local schools for admin, customer service (Mums) • Unis for new technologies like web2.0, video, etc. • seek.com.au (everything else)
  8. THE QUESTIONNAIRE • Show me you're interested • Do they

    display the important qualities? • responsive, attention to detail, English, etc • <Real world example>
  9. SETTING A SIMPLE TASK • Pay them for the task

    • Remember the important qualities. • Do they ask questions?
  10. SMART INTERVIEWING • This is where I come in •

    Set time, on Skype, with webcam • Do a tandem interview • Look to their past, people don't change • If they're not right, don't waste their time or yours • <Real world example>
  11. GIVE THEM A TRIAL • Don’t hire someone because you

    think they’re a good guy • More than one successful? • Pay them for 10-20 hours • Underarm throws
  12. THE EVOLUTION • Run questionnaire first • Personality testing (disc,

    wealth dynamics) • expertrating.com

  13. REAL LIFE EXAMPLE • Placed an ad on jobstreet.com •

    Resumes (121) • Pre-screen & questionnaire (14) • Returned (11) • Tasks (5) • Interview (3) • MJ joined our team
  14. THINGS TO REMEMBER • I like Mums • There are

    plenty of fish in the sea • Strong as your weakest link