Rethinking Agile – Klaus Leopold

Rethinking Agile – Klaus Leopold

This presentation was given by Klaus Leopold from LEANability at the DevOps Meetup Zürich.

Why agile teams have nothing to do with business agility

In this talk I tell you about an Agile Transition in which about 600 people were involved. The declared goal was to shorten the time-to-market of initiatives so that we could respond more quickly to customer needs and thus increase business agility. To achieve this, a reorganisation was carried out. All teams were set up cross-functional so that the necessary knowledge for development is fully available in the team. In addition, the teams were set up by product to remove dependencies. Visualization of the work, stand-up meetings and retrospectives completed the Agile Transition - only the expected improvement failed to materialize. In this session I show what we have done to improve the situation and achieve the goal of "more business agility". I also show how to approach an agile transition of this magnitude so that you don't get into the awkward situation of not seeing improvements. Let me mention this much in advance: don't start at team level - that not only saves nerves but also a lot of money!


DevOpsDays Zurich

June 20, 2019