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EduCloud - Estonia Business Dev meeting 19.9.2014

EduCloud - Estonia Business Dev meeting 19.9.2014

OKM & COSS took some Finnish companies to Estonia for a visit to create bridge between Finnish and Estonian EDU companies. Counter visit later this fall.


EduCloud Alliance

September 19, 2014


  1. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ EduCloud Jarkko Moilanen, jarkko.moilanen@minedu.fi

  2. Open source and open APIs

  3. Not about code – its about transparency • 100% open

    source - code and documentation in Github • Backlog in the web – Trello.com • Public Weekly Development Meetings starting 22.9.2014 – Main tool to keep everyone aware of tasks and progress – Recorded Adobe Connect sessions – In Finnish, but tendency towards English (Estonians on board?) • Public LinkedIn group (210+ members) • Twitter as main information channel • Presentations available via speakerdeck.com
  4. Closed educational resources Electronic learning environment - moodle, edison, fronter,

    peda.net yms. Open Educational Resources Traditional learning material in different form DIGITAL School environment Web-based tools/services, closed and open ANALOG
  5. Learning materials and services – look forward  electrinic books,

    video material, exercises  gamified practice material, tests  learning environmenta,  learning material packages,  webcasts,  group working tools  and why not the traditional books and alike
  6. Services for teachers  Bazaar, ”Amazon of learning material” https://demo.pilvivayla.fi

     Commenting and likes (peer review)  Search, buy, share, advertise, ”OPS2016 compatible”  Products both commercial and non-commercial, open and closed  KnowHow service https://kysy.pilvivayla.fi  Extension to Facebook groups; peer support driven permanent knowledge base  Learning recipes (2015)  How to use cloud based services pedagogically wisely? Compare to thingiverse.com  Virtual group working space (2015)  for teachers and pedagogy developers  Local groups for educational technologists?
  7. Services for service providers  Open APIs for adding and

    updating material and services  Common standards  Feedback channel, interaction plaza, ”API” to consumers  Information about usage/buys/views…  License management (2015)  Transaction management (2015)  Unified way to operate  brings security, stability, easier to integrate, less costs
  8. Role management has to be build for EDU  Will

    extend the national identity of every citizen (X-Road)  Pilot – jointly build example of role management on EDU sector  Ministry of Education, CSC, National Board of Education + consortium companies  Will utlize existing Opintopolku service OID identity service.  Build open source -> part of EduCloud code base  Role information retrieved from LMS, not from local student management services  Will be done before pilot (23.10.2014)
  9. Authentication rampup  Single Sign On  Users: EduCloud, LMS,

    Opintopolku….developed for EDU sector needs  Joint effort  Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Communication & Ministry of Education  Shared roadmap finalized November  Ministry of Education: EduCloud focuses on social media auth + explors new authentication methods (bracelet etc)  Strong authentication from national X-Road attached solutions, including mobile ID
  10. Auth Stack Roadmap 10/2014 Some auth (13+) 12/2014 2/2015 6/2015

    4/2015 8/2014 8/2015 Mobile auth (15+) 2015 MePIN Dongle based authentication (4+) Bracelet authentication (15+) Strong Weak In use In use Ready In use Bracelet authentication (4+) In use HAKA (15+) In use In use
  11. Narrow Short Pilot  Pilot launch 22.10.2014, Tampere – YOU

    ARE INVITED!  Focus on elementary school (inner onion)  Free learning material from commercial providers + National Library  Other free material (”OER”)  Possibly office applications – Libre Office  A few high schools and universities (outer onion)  Testing available for all, LMS + identity management integration for inner onion only  Limited time 23.10 – 5.12.2014  10-20 schools, different LMS, around Finland, Finnish and Swedish  Extending to higher/lower education up to the material and a few tweaks in UX/UI
  12. Less fiddling, more learning EduCoud Alliance @pilvivayla

  13. Joint development 2015 • Essential to find a way to

    cooperate effectively • Define concrete model for technological co-operation – X-Road and – EduCloud under one roadmap/model • 4 times / year 1 day workshop (IRL) • Once a year 1 bigger dev & business conference? • Monthly webinars, connect.funet.fi/educloud – Andres Kütt & Jarkko Moilanen – Practical information sharing, integration patterns etc • In Finland: Ministry of Finance (?) and Ministry of Education