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EduCloud Auth (SSO) status 17-3-2015

EduCloud Auth (SSO) status 17-3-2015

EduCloud Alliance

March 17, 2015

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  1. EduCloud Auth – Status 17.3.2015

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  2. Proxy IdP – (Current) Architecture
    Proxy IdP is the main gateway between Service
    Providers (SPs) and Authentication Providers (APs)
    – APs provide static & unique (in AP context) AuthnID for Proxy IdP
    – Proxy IdP exploits the AuthnID for resolving global student ID and
    role attributes for SPs
    Proxy IdP uses RoleDB for the student ID and attributes resolution
    Prerequisite: users have registered their desired AP(s)
    to RoleDB
    – https://github.com/educloudalliance/educloud-sso/wiki/Authn-Selector-Service

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  3. 3

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  4. Proxy IdP – Current Status
    An instance is running in CSC’s Pouta cloud
    – Implementation currently based on Shibboleth IdP v2
    Already connected to AOL, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter
    and Windows Live (Hotmail)
    Existing EduCloud SSO (2014 pilot) will be added as a
    trusted SP before next meeting
    RoleDB connection is under construction

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