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EduCloud - Estonia-Finland Business Dev meeting 26.11.2014

EduCloud - Estonia-Finland Business Dev meeting 26.11.2014

EduCloud Alliance

November 26, 2014

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  1. Agenda • 10:00 - 10:30 Breakfast and welcoming words •

    10:30 - 11:00 What ’s up with EduCloud in Finland? (Jarkko Moilanen) • 11:00 - 12:00 Fun Learning by Rovio (Pär Andler) • 12:00 - 13:00 Lunch (on-site) • 13:00 - 14:30 Group work (take a break when needed) • 14:30 - 15:15 Group work results and discussion • 15:15 - 16:30 Integration patterns in X-Road (Andres Kütt & Jarkko Moilanen) educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki Presentations are streamed and recorded via ACP. Recordings and slides will be put available through portal
  2. Teacher’s viewpoint Ostokset educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki Needs more material Items

    Takes material and services in use Adds comments & likes to products Ostokset Items Local digital learning management system 1 3 2 Takes material and services in use
  3. Content provider’s viewpoint Ostokset educloudalliance.org Adds new material Items Gets

    feedback information Updates or adds new material Ostokset Items Feedback and statistics Content provider’s system and product development Registers as content provider API key 1 2 3 26.11.2014, Helsinki
  4. Bazaar CMS API KnowHow API GetInspired API Payments management API

    License management API API Management API EduCloud Auth EduCloud Role Managem ent Customer Services Management Services Infra services BZR API Data storage Security Server (X-Road) Adapter Server ”Government driven” ”Shared” Shared understanding of Service architecture educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki ”Consortium driven”
  5. Road ahead for infra service • Ministry of Education leads

    • SSO and role management to production level – co-operation with …. • Seeking new identification methods especially for under aged • X-Road integration patterns jointly with Estonian partners + Ministry of Finance + VRK educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki
  6. Road ahead for customer services (2014) (2015) (2015) educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014,

    Helsinki + views for vocational and academic education (2015) + Demola team in the spring + Jointly with opentunti.fi + Demola team in the spring + Tuning + API development 1-5/2015 Concept design in Demola with interest groups 6-9/2015 Implementation 10-12/2015 Testing
  7. Road ahead for management services • Consortium leads • Payments

    management (2015) – build-in/ext bindings • Product license management (2015) – build-in/ext bindings • API management (2015?) – REST interfaces used outside X-Road – Shared service among EduICT sector? educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki Payments management API License management API API Management API
  8. Fun Learning - The Future of Learning Why: To significantly

    improve how the children of the world learn
  9. How will this be different... Unique position! Angry Birds brand

    attraction Finnish education knowhow Fun Learning concept
  10. ECA • Can be developed on top of the EduCloud

    Alliance marketplace standard • Build value added features & services Open marketplace standard for content Commercial content Ecosystem content Commercial Learning Cloud • User experience • Value adding features Education Cloud Solutions for Nations National curriculum
  11. Group work 13:00 – 14:30 1. EduCloud identification and role

    management – Organized by EduCloud Development team lead Vesa Härkönen – Sinetti C-cabinet if needed 2. Metadata application profile – Organized by Professor Mart Laanpere – In this space, auditorium educloudalliance.org 26.10.2014, Helsinki
  12. Group work instructions • Make use of this opportunity! •

    Prepare a short presentation of the results (max 5 slides) • Prepare to present results to all • Focus on practical plans and aims (roadmaps?) • Have fun! educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki
  13. Identification • Adults vs minors – We focus on minors

    • Process of first identification – To be happen in schools • Identification methods / use cases – Weak – Weak+ (Verified with stong) – Strong • Role management – Identify data attribute origins – What attributes are missing Identification & role management educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki
  14. State of the art • National portals of learning resources

    have implemented a specific local application profile: – Koolielu.ee – Edu.fi • On European level, there is LRE Metadata Application Profile (EUN, 2012) • There exist metadata standards such as IEEE LOM and ISO MLR (also QTI, PAPI, RCD and others) educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki
  15. Roadmap in the EduCloud context • National LOM profiles should

    be created first, EstCORE is underway • There are 3 fields in LRE MAP that need to be negotiated between Finnish and Estonian working groups at some point (early 2015): – LRE 5.2. Learning resource type – LRE 9 Classification: curriculum taxonomy – Translation and mapping – LRMI compliance educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki
  16. Use cases of Fin-Est metadata • Adding a learning resource

    to other EduCloud • Metadata harvesting • Federated search • … educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki
  17. The problem • X-road is stable and documented • communications

    pipe between organisations – It has been proven fit for purpose – Does a limited number of things and does them well • How to link that pipe to the rest of the IS? – Deceptively simple to do for trivial cases – High availability, performance and volume requirements pose a challenge – People keep re-inventing the wheel educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki
  18. The solution • A directory of architectural patterns – A

    cookbook for using x-road – “How to I access the Security Server to solve use case X” • The format – Available online (https://www.writelatex.com/read/gysttnpdykst) – Developed in cooperation with practitioners • Call to action – Available online – Developed in cooperation with practitioners educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki
  19. Suggested Integration knowledge roadmap (Jarkko Moilanen) • Organize skype meeting

    12/2014 between key personnel from Finland and Estonia – RIA, Cybernetica, Ministries • Organize open joint integration workgroup day 1/2015 • Start monthly online webinars 2/2015 connect.funet.fi/educloud – Andres Kütt & Jarkko Moilanen – Practical information sharing, integration patterns etc • Establish example integration code base to Github • Establish/select home website for this work (xroad.eu?) educloudalliance.org 26.11.2014, Helsinki