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Suomen eOppimisen neuvottelukunnan tilaisuus Espoossa

Suomen eOppimisen neuvottelukunnan tilaisuus Espoossa

EduCloud Alliance

October 09, 2014

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  1. Bigger picture EduCloud Bazaar Material production Digital learning environments OER

    ecosystem Publishing houses Open Source Mixed models Legacy Device driven Edison Material and service channels Single source Student management ? Physical learning enviroments
  2. Not about code – its about transparency • 100% open

    source - code and documentation in Github • Backlog in the web – Trello.com • Public Weekly Development Meetings starting 22.9.2014 – Main tool to keep everyone aware of tasks and progress – Recorded Adobe Connect sessions – In Finnish, but tendency towards English (Estonians on board?) • Public LinkedIn group (230+ members) • Twitter as main information channel • Presentations available via speakerdeck.com
  3. Closed educational resources Electronic learning environment - moodle, edison, fronter,

    peda.net yms. Open Educational Resources Traditional learning material in different form DIGITAL School environment Web-based tools/services, closed and open ANALOG
  4. KnowHow Bazaar Get Inspired Provides Pedagogical examples utilizes P2P support

    Products and Services Found from Supports creation and usage feedback Is a shared recipe of how material and services are used. Created by teachers P2P driven knowledge base. Stack overflow style gamified service Open market place for learning resources; open, closed, commercial and other. Teacher creates/ uses creates/ uses
  5. Role management has to be build for EDU  Will

    extend the national identity of every citizen (X-Road)  Pilot – jointly build example of role management on EDU sector  Ministry of Education, CSC, National Board of Education + consortium companies  Will utlize existing Opintopolku service OID identity service.  Build open source -> part of EduCloud code base  Role information retrieved from LMS, not from local student management services  Will be done before pilot (23.10.2014)
  6. Authentication rampup  Single Sign On  Users: EduCloud, LMS,

    Opintopolku….developed for EDU sector needs  Joint effort  Ministry of Education: EduCloud focuses on social media auth + explors new authentication methods (bracelet etc)  Strong authentication from national X-Road attached solutions, including mobile ID
  7. Bazaar CMS API KnowHow API GetInspired API Payments management API

    License management API API Management API EduCloud Auth EduCloud Role Managem ent Customer Services Management Services Infra services BZR API Data storage Security Server (X-Road) Adapter Server MVP Architecture suggestion
  8. OKM teams - roadmap APIs Development 2/2015 4/2015 6/2015 10/2015

    8/2015 2014/15 12/2015 2015 implementation v. 1.0 Design: Bazaar Views Desing: Get Inspired Impl: Role management (v 1.1.) Impl: Auth -> production (v. 1.1) BASAAR DEVEL AUTH DEVEL Joint Baltic Event end of Jan 2015 API DEVEL Bug fixes Bug fixes X-Road integration development Bracelet test usage in school Bracelet tests & integration In demola Developer support / KnowHow
  9. The spirit “Määritellään yhdessä tunnistetut kehityskohteet niin tunnistamisen (sosiaalisen median

    hyödyntäminen) kuin palveluväylän osalta (toimialakohtaiset tarpeet ja niiden kehitys). Tehdään suunnitelma kokonaisuudesta, jonka kehitätte, sovitaan sen hyödyntämisestä kansallisesti… eteenpäin käytännön yhteistyössä, teemme toisiaan täydentäviä asioita ja saavutamme asioita yhdessä.” Kansallisen palveluarkkitehtuuri, ohjelmapäällikkö Maria Nikkilä
  10. Narrow Short Pilot  Pilot launch 22.10.2014, Tampere  Focus

    on elementary school (inner onion)  Free learning material from commercial providers + National Library  Other free material (”OER”)  Possibly office applications – Libre Office  A few high schools and universities (outer onion)  Testing available for all, LMS + identity management integration for inner onion only  Limited time 23.10 – 5.12.2014  18 schools, different LMS, around Finland, Finnish and Swedish  Extending to higher/lower education up to the material and a few tweaks in UX/UI