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Make Sense of Your Data

Make Sense of Your Data

Presented by Shay Banon at CeBIT 2014

An overview of the promise and challenges of Big Data, plus how the Elasticsearch ELK stack - that's Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana - addresses these challenges.

Elasticsearch Inc

March 14, 2014

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  1. Your data is an asset. “A corporate asset that will

    become a key basis for competition” -  McKinsey Quarterly 2011
  2. Tons of Data Now, with Even More to Come

  3. Many companies are being funded in the big data space

  4. None
  5. Data From Any Source Instantly Analyze Actionable Insights The Promise

    of “Big Data”
  6. A Tweet = More than 140 chars

  7. Data can come from anywhere Website Activity Error Logs Social

    Data (Tweets) Mobile Device Support Tickets News Articles Prospect Actions Customer purchase history User’s mobile device Internet of things
  8. But there is a gap. Storing Data Actionable Insight

  9. Why Is It So Hard?

  10. Massive effort in cleaning the data. Takes weeks to analyze.

    Insights come too late. The Big Data Reality. “I’m a data janitor.” Senior Director of Data Science, Cloudera
  11. So many pieces to stitch together

  12. Do You Really Need a Data Scientist?

  13. Putting Insights Into Everyone’s Hands

  14. Data From Any Source Instantly Analyze Actionable Insights So how

    did we address this? Logstash Elasticsearch Kibana The Elasticsearch ELK Stack
  15. How We Help Our Customers “Collaboration with the Elasticsearch team

    is extremely fluid. We get very good answers very quickly.” XING VP of Data Science Faster Time to Market “Elasticsearch enables our team to focus on improving the content and headlines [and] it’s also good for the reader because it is giving them the content that interests them.” Director of Architecture, The Guardian Meet User Needs Faster “Elasticsearch helped us validate our ideas as well as understand how we could do things even better. That was key to us scaling quickly.” Developer, Wajam Tune to Your Use Case
  16. Be a data superhero, not a janitor

  17. [email protected] [email protected]