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Getting Social Media: Digital Identity, Engagement, and Orientation

4258b2b4afcd8ba13ff012d11eff8190?s=47 Eric Stoller
November 03, 2014

Getting Social Media: Digital Identity, Engagement, and Orientation

Slides from my featured presentation at the 67th NODA Annual Conference.


Eric Stoller

November 03, 2014


  1. Getting Social Media with Eric Stoller at #NODA67

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  6. Digital Identity ! How does this change what you do?

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  12. professional personal

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  21. I admit to complaining about the endless snow and winter

    weather from time to time (and especially this morning!), but there is something simply beautiful about footprints in the snow. Think about it: that first step you take in a St. Lawrence snowstorm is captured, however briefly, as is the compacted snow in the aftermath of a snowball fight or the smooth lines left by Nordic skis. There isn't anything like that in summer weather-- nothing to say, I was here, I changed something, I left a part of me behind. Each St. Lawrence winter is full of footprints, and each one tells a story. No matter what kind of boot you leave your print with, know that each step you take will always lead you home to SLU. Thanks for everything you've done for me, Saints, and for the chance to show you around this week. This is Amy Yao '14, heading home, over and out. #stlawrenceu -AY
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  35. privacy...pffft

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  42. Metrics/Data

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  48. Why, why, why?

  49. Who?

  50. Identify champions

  51. Follow the leaders Who is doing it well?

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  53. Get in your sandbox #NODA67

  54. questions and answers ericstoller@gmail.com ericstoller.com #NODA67