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Marconi: Queuing and Notification service for OpenStack

Marconi: Queuing and Notification service for OpenStack

Marconi is a multi-tenant cloud queuing system written in Python as part of the OpenStack project. As message bus, it’s main goals are: performance, availability, durability, fault-tolerance and scalability.

This talk aims to give the audience as much information as possible about Marconi’s architecture, design, patterns, performance, issues it faced and how / why it was built from scratch.



July 02, 2013

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  1. @flaper87 Queuing & Notification Service … made by and for

  2. @flaper87 Why? What? How? Architecture Deploying Marconi

  3. @flaper87 @flaper87

  4. @flaper87 member of

  5. @flaper87 • GsoC / OPW mentor • Rust language contributor

    • Member of MongoDB Masters • Physics and Philosophy Other things ...
  6. @flaper87 Services inter-communication

  7. @flaper87 Missing piece in OpenStack

  8. @flaper87 Lightweight Messaging

  9. @flaper87 Messaging Service

  10. @flaper87 Notification as a Service

  11. @flaper87 It is NOT a ... Replacement for QPID, RabbitMQ,

  12. @flaper87 It is NOT a ... Task Manager / Workflow

  13. @flaper87 It is NOT a ... Queue provisioning service

  14. @flaper87 Akin to SQS+SNS

  15. @flaper87 Data API HTTP (RESTFul™) Unifies Technologies Borrows Semantics

  16. @flaper87 Provides Queues Messages Claims

  17. @flaper87 Architecture

  18. @flaper87

  19. @flaper87

  20. @flaper87

  21. @flaper87

  22. @flaper87 99.9 % Composable

  23. @flaper87 Plugin Based Transports Storage

  24. @flaper87 Transports HTTP TCP

  25. @flaper87 HTTP Falcon No container wsgiref

  26. @flaper87 Storage MongoDB AMQP Redis

  27. @flaper87 Authentication Basic HTTP Keystone

  28. @flaper87 Deployments

  29. @flaper87

  30. @flaper87

  31. @flaper87

  32. @flaper87 FIFO Guaranteed

  33. @flaper87 Storage Partitions

  34. @flaper87 Fits in your stack

  35. @flaper87 Easy to Scale™

  36. @flaper87 Unified API

  37. @flaper87 Service Oriented

  38. @flaper87 ROADMAP Queue Flavors Queue, single-pool, live-migration AMQP / Redis

    support Benchmarks
  39. @flaper87 Q&A Thanks we're hiring http:/ /wiki.openstack.org/Marconi