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Better communicate with your team (while working from home)

Better communicate with your team (while working from home)

This deck highlights the fundamentals to start working remotely.


Florent Merian

April 29, 2020


  1. Better communicate with your team while working from home

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  3. 2500 remote companies Source: Remotive.io

  4. Not every company is a remote company. Every company should

    work like one.
  5. Trust. Transparency. Communication.

  6. TRUST Do your team.

  7. communicate. (Over)

  8. transparency. Build with

  9. Trust. Transparency. Communication.

  10. What’s not w i t doesn’t exist.

  11. Use Slack for Team Conversations Write Down Your Notes in

    Slite Send Weekly Status Updates
  12. Subject: Weekly Status Update Hey team 👋 This week I

    did this and that. Next week I plan to do this and that. I have a problem to solve XYZ. Have a great day 🙏
  13. “ Always hire the better writer. @jasonfried Jason Fried

  14. Keep in touch Schedule a call with the team Connect

    with someone on our team to ask questions, and share your ideas. Schedule a call → Check out our help center Learn how to get the most out of DynamicScreen and get answers straight from our support team. Browse the help center → Tw Link
  15. Thanks Tw Link Photo by Josh Duke on Unsplash.