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How to recruit talent for my startup?

Get on Board
October 13, 2022

How to recruit talent for my startup?

Get on Board

October 13, 2022

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  1. How to find and retain
    talent for my startup?
    October 2022

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  2. The biggest IT
    recruitment platform
    in Latin America.
    Sent applications
    Hiring processes

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  3. Hiring challenges for a startup are way, way
    different from a traditional company.

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  4. 🚀 Startup 🏢 Classic corp
    Upside Stability
    Flexibility Perks
    Ownership Political power
    Potential Impact
    Coolness Reputation

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  5. More and more enterprises are creating
    startup-like environments to attract talent:

    • Innovation labs/hubs

    • Corporate Ventures

    • Company Builders

    • Centers of Excellence

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  6. Among startups themselves,
    competition intensifies.

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  7. 7 tips

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  8. 1

    Think about culture and org
    value proposition from day 1

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  9. This is NOT culture

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  10. This is NOT culture, either

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  11. Culture is the decisions you make. Who
    you hire and promote. Who you let go.
    Who and what you reward. How decisions
    are made. What happens when something
    bad happens. What happens if you
    criticize your superior publicly. How much
    autonomy an employee has. How many
    requests do you have to fill to get post-its.
    What perks do you, or do you not, offer.

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  12. You just can’t unbundle comp
    from culture.

    And for your teammates, they are
    just the same thing.

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  13. Compensation





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  14. Employee value
    proposition reflects
    organizational culture.

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  15. What kind of people has the
    best chance of feeling happy
    with your org’s culture?

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  16. 2

    Screen not just for skills, but for
    risk tolerance and mission fit

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  17. Offer equity.

    • You need to retain your key talent

    • It’s a great way of measuring risk appetite

    • It helps see clearly whether the person matches
    the startup’s potential and mission

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  18. What for some is a
    turn-off, for others is
    a turn-on.

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  19. 3

    Embrace remote work, right
    from the start

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  20. The main purpose of remote
    work is not to be a perk…

    …it’s amplifying your talent
    base 😉

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  21. Remote work is your competitive advantage.

    While traditional companies shoot
    themselves in the feet with hybrid/local work,
    you have the entire world at your fingertips.

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  22. Having remote teams forces you to be explicit

    • Culture (how we behave)

    • Values (what we prioritize)

    • Knowledge (what we assume as true)

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  23. 4

    Embrace inclusion

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  24. Inclusion also broadens
    your talent pool (and helps
    you weed out intolerant

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  25. Inclusion does not mean “anybody”.

    It means that mission fit and talent are
    the two things you care about, and that
    gender, nationality, race, social
    background, or disabilities are not hiring

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  26. Communicate in gender-neutral language.

    Don’t assume the gender of anyone on your

    Create a culture free of frat houses or cliques.

    Foster safe spaces from day 1.

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  27. 5

    Pay decently

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  28. “We are a startup and just getting started”
    should be a competitive advantage to attract
    talent, not an excuse for not paying decently.

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  29. 😩

    “But big corps are throwing
    cash at anyone with a
    GitHub account…”

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  30. What is “decent” pay?

    • Peace of mind: the person can cover all their needs

    • Market: according to seniority level and what
    companies that compete for the same talent as you
    are offering 👀

    • Fair: proportional to what the rest of the company
    earns, including equity

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  31. Equity does not replace

    (Utility bills don’t accept stock options or your
    governance token as payment)

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  32. 6

    Have a CTO

    (and make them hire their team)

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  33. Tech stack choice is strategic.

    It can make the difference between survival and

    When there’s someone in the driver’s seat,
    making strategic decisions on the tech stack, it

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  34. There are so many ways your tech stack can
    make your startup fail:

    • Overly complex architecture

    • Exotic frameworks/programming languages

    • Premature optimization

    • Single points-of-failure

    • Too much overhead

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  35. 7


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  36. Friction and change are the bread and
    butter of a startup.

    The company will eventually cease to
    be the “dream place” for some.

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  37. People grow, get bored, have
    families, increase expenses, shift
    priorities, and optimize locally.

    They will go.

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  38. 100% retention is not only
    impossible but undesirable.

    Stay true to what the company
    needs to make its customers happy.

    That’s what’s truly important.

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