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May 30, 2014




May 30, 2014

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  1. Just a quick flash of light will assist you in

    receiving any and all information
  2. ϚʔΫμ΢ϯ FLASHBOX™ FLASHTOUCH Photo transistor Receives signal from smart phone

    display and sends it to a web server Capacitive sponge The data from the web server is sent to the smart phone through the display using the touch screen functionality
  3. FLASHBOX FLASHTOUCH API Touch Standby Mode Waiting for interaction with

    Flashbox Flash Mode Information is converted to a flash pattern on the display.
  4. Measure capacitance Server Memory / Calculation / Encryption FLASHTOUCH API

    Touch Screen Software Processing Physical Transmission Electronic switch mechanism Phototransistor Send data Receive data Decryption Visible ray (Display) Data transmission speed is about 100bps / port Encryption Patent pendingɹ PCT/JP2013/062236
  5. ʷ NFC Limited to NFC devices Flashtouch All kind of

    touch display devices Smart Watch Tablet Smart Phone iPod Universal interface
  6. ʷ NFC Flashtouch Secure transmission Easy to clone Data is

    inside smartphone Impossible to clone Data is on the cloud
  7. ʷ NFC Necessary to install applications Possible to uses with

    only web browser Flashtouch No app installation
  8. ʷ NFC Over $130 / Large device Lower than $10

    / Small Flashtouch Cost & Size
  9. Processing flow Key link ᶃ Key ID Device ID ᶅ

    ᶄ Smart key system Bluetooth FLASHBOX
  10. Processing flow Event manager Ticketing system Authentication / Data Map,

    Program, Document Ticket info / Identification Business card info
  11. Processing flow Merchant Bill info ᶃ Send ID and accept

    bill Transaction info ᶅ ᶄ Mobile payment system FLASHBOX ™
  12. Metadata Receipt, Point card , Coupon Metadata Sales history, Customer

    demographics Additional value User & merchant benefit
  13. ¥5,000,000~ / client ¥1,000,000~ / client $1,980 / ID /

    month 1Flashbox 1ID Flashtouch ID Customize manufacture Consulting contract Pricing
  14. Elevator Security Transportation POS system Payment Tele- communications carrier Ad

    Agency manufacturer Hotel Entertainment Retail Property management Event manager Software Partner candidates
  15. Secure authentication system Public Key UUID Client Device Time Stamp

    Dynamic Secret Key Generator by UUID seed 1. Generate public key by UUID 2. UUID as seed 3. Send UUID 4. Parse UUID 5. Generate secret key 6. Send public key 7. Match key pair 10. Event / Action 8. Permission OK/NG 9. If Ok, Send actually data Server ɾUsername / Password ɾPhone number auth. using twillo Option 0. Login Flashtouch page 0. Auth my device (Send UUID) 0. Connect User and UUID 0. Publish UUID using Javascript 0. Read MAC address of device FLASHBOX ™