Agile Business Intelligence with SAP and Cloud at heise data2day

Agile Business Intelligence with SAP and Cloud at heise data2day

The BI world has started to spin faster and faster. It's no longer just about reporting metrics from a few enterprise systems for management. Trends and forecasts from all areas of the company are to be provided in new forms of presentation such as apps, dashboards or bots in shorter intervals of a growing user base.

In ERP and other LOB systems, which come from SAP, HANA has positioned itself as a new, central data technology in position to address the above problems. The cloud as a data storage and processing platform is also becoming more widespread. In our talk, we demonstrate how HANA can be efficiently connected to cloud databases and data pipelines through Smart Data Integration (SDI) and its associated Adapter Framework. AS an example we connect Google BigQuery, a scalable cloud databases and CloudDataflow a cost-effective, large scale data transformation service to HANA running in a docker container. The example further illustrates that even open source technologies such as Hadoop, Spark or Parquet still have their place in the cloud world.


Joachim Rosskopf

September 26, 2018