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1-1 Activity: How do we stay motivated?

1-1 Activity: How do we stay motivated?

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  1. Module 1 Motivation: how to keep a calendar Wed, 4/27

    9:25AM 5:01 SUMMARY KEYWORDS adhd, dig, important, rabbit hole, module, patricia, figure, motivation, kryptonite, calendar, activity, brain, brain dump, process, class, talking, happiness, recorded, minutes, buy SPEAKERS Patricia Sung Patricia Sung 00:00 Hello, and welcome back to how to keep a calendar for ADHD brains. I'm Patricia Sung and we are in. Oh, come on tech. There we go. We're in module one motivation. Alright let me move my talking head here. Okay, before we get into module one, if you would turn off any distractions that might catch your attention, and we will get into the good stuff. Okay. All right. Patricia Sung 00:32 So boredom is the kryptonite for people with ADHD is something that Dr. Halliwell says, and so if we're trying to make our calendars non boring, the opposite that is, of course, interest. Well, how are we going to make calendars Interesting? Well, we're not, they're not that interesting. What we are interested in is, what's the motivation behind it for you, anytime people with ADHD are trying to get something done. Patricia Sung 00:59 If we think about what our motivation is, like, what's actually important to us, that's what's gonna get us across the finish line. Any kind of, you know, someone else telling us is important, or us just thinking we should do something is not going to get us where we need to be. It has to be important to us down and deep inside, why does this matter to you? So that's what we're going to work on today. Patricia Sung 01:23 In module one. I think it's more important than actually how we do the whole process. Because if you're not motivated, if you're not aware of why you're putting in all this work, you're not going to stick with it. So how do we make sure that we stick with it? We're going to dig in to the why. So why did you buy this gorgeous? Why are you here? Why are you spending this time, we're going to dig into the why. And then we're going to keep on digging in until we find that
  2. reason, deep seated reason. It's like yes, this is why

    I am doing all this work. And to get there, we're going to pick some kind of way to get all these thoughts out of our brains and either onto paper or into, into space somewhere. Patricia Sung 02:07 You can do any of these brain dumping, journaling, Mind Mapping, talking out loud into a voice recording app, or however you process the best. And if you're not sure, I will choose for you do a brain dump. It's pretty much just thought vomit, just get all of the things floating around your head, out of your brain and onto either paper, or recorded so that you can, like start to sift through them. So what are we actually going to look at in this brain dump. Patricia Sung 02:38 We are going to jump into the rabbit hole and ask some probleming questions things like, why did I buy this class? What am I trying to do? Why do I want this thing? What's the problem? Why do we want to fix that problem? What does that mean? But why but why? But why on it keep on digging in until you figure out what matters to you. Now, generally speaking, when we have ADHD, we are avoiding these big questions because we end up pulling out the shame and pain that go along with these kinds of questions. And I know you're thinking like I signed up for calendar class, Patricia, not deep thoughts. Patricia Sung 03:19 But here's the thing, if we don't dig into why this is really important to us, we're not going to keep up with it. So as much as you can dive in, if it gets to be too much, I understand step back. But I really want you to try to figure out why this is so important to you. It could be that maybe you're trying to rewrite your story, or you're trying to figure out how to create more time to start that business because you want that happiness, of getting out of your current job or you want to get out of debt. And you think that, you know, this is going to be the way to do it, whatever it is that you're looking for having more time for family or rest or hobbies, or whatever it is, when you figure out what that is. That's what's going to drive you to continue with what you're doing. Patricia Sung 04:08 Now I'm going to walk you through in the next video of my reasoning so that you have an example of where this is going. But if you're like hey, I got this, you can go ahead and jump into the activity. So your activities for today is to take a few minutes whether that's five minutes or 20 minutes depending on how far you want to get into the rabbit hole and figure out your why. Get in there, keep asking keep digging into why does this matter to you? Eventually you will find a reason like in your heart and soul is like this is it this is what matters to me. And that's what we want to find out so that anytime you get off track because you will get off track you can circle back to this why?
  3. Patricia Sung 04:51 Then your second activity is to just

    plan for when you're going to watch the next video so that you already have that in your schedule. You are doing great and I will see you in just a few minute through the neck