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Intro-1: Welcome to Daily Planning: How to Use a Planner for ADHD Moms

Intro-1: Welcome to Daily Planning: How to Use a Planner for ADHD Moms

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  1. Intro to Daily Planning for ADHD Moms Wed, 4/27 9:21AM

    6:33 SUMMARY KEYWORDS adhd, module, modifiable, mom, talk, calendar, figuring, brain, video, schedule, life, motivation, process, scientist, ripple effect, turned, adjust, rewatch, part, support SPEAKERS Patricia Sung Patricia Sung 00:00 Hey there successful mama, it's your friend Patricia Sung, I am so happy that you are here. Welcome to Daily Planning for ADHD moms. Now this was formerly my how to keep calendar class, then we added in how to organize your to do list and so now it is daily funding for ADHD moms I am a former middle school teacher turned mom turned teacher again, but now for ADHD moms. And I want to give you a big high five, you are working on your life. And instead of just talking about making changes, you're actually doing it and you can do it it is possible to live a successful life with ADHD. Patricia Sung 00:34 So we're gonna look at this process that we're learning as like, like a scientist would want you to put on your scientist coat and open a new metal attacking hair so you can see this, okay? So we're going to put on our scientists, like literally like pretend you're putting on your lab jacket. And when we approach this process, we are looking at it in all the ways that we're going to adjust and experiment and try again, because when we think about, hey, you know what? Electricity wasn't invented on the first day, and neither is the ideal way to run your day. So we're going to keep trying, we're going to get back on the horse because we're going to fall apart. Patricia Sung 01:14 That's part of ADHD. And it's okay, we recognize that we say okay, um, I realized I haven't touched my schedule in two weeks. And now I can feel the pain and I want to get back on the horse. Keep going, I'm here for you. This is why this course is here, you can come back anytime. rewatch the videos, we have support here to keep you on track. And I want you to know that this is possible. Just because we're not the most consistent people doesn't mean that we aren't persistent, we're actually amazingly persistent.
  2. Patricia Sung 01:41 We spent our whole lives trying harder.

    And I'm not going to tell you to do that. What I am going to tell you is to keep trying, keep going. And we'll adjust, experiment, try again, adjust some more until we find the right system that works for you for your life for your mom situation. And the great part about this is that it's modifiable. When your kids grow and your schedule changes, you can still apply the same things to a new schedule with your kids. It's reusable. Patricia Sung 02:12 Now, let's talk about how this is built for ADHD brains. I have an ADHD brain, you have an ADHD brain, excuse me. So I set this up to make sense for our brains. The lessons are all very short, most of the videos are under five minutes. You can also speed them up if you want to turn into a chipmunk and watch them even faster, you have notes provided. In the next video, I will talk about the reminders and support that we have available in this class. And we have real life activities. We're not doing anything hypothetical moms don't have time for that. Patricia Sung 02:45 We are looking at your schedule in your life and making immediate changes in what you're doing and what makes sense for you. Now, the system is simple. It's repeatable, it's modifiable. It's not like we're not doing rocket science here. But when you understand it from an ADHD perspective, it's like, This really makes sense. So I'm excited that you're here. Patricia Sung 03:08 And then lastly, we're going to overcome our ADHD obstacles. Our brain doesn't function like everyone else's. And that's okay. So we're going to prepare ahead of time. Okay, what does that look like? What are the things that are likely going to come up for me? What are the roadblocks I'm going to hit? And how am I going to prepare for those, we're going to get ready for the ways that our brain is going to struggle in this process so that when we certainly encounter the struggles, we are ready, we have a plan in place, and then we don't get so far off track. Before we get back on again. Patricia Sung 03:38 Our modules are set up like this, we started out with motivation. Our brains are wired for motivation, we are wired for dopamine, we are wired for interest, it's got to be interesting to us. So we have to know our motivation on why we aren't doing this, we're not going to stick with it. And I will explain to you what my motivation is. And perhaps that will ring true for you. Maybe it's something different. But when you identify what your motivation is, then you're going to stick with it. So that's step one. Patricia Sung 04:06
  3. Patricia Sung 04:06 Then we talk about the framework of

    what a calendar is, what it's not, what are the tools that we need, and don't need all that fancy jazz. And then we get into our ADHD obstacles, how are we going to overcome the things that we know are going to come up for us? Patricia Sung 04:20 Next, we get into our three step process. That's simple, easy to stick with. And then we'll talk about getting started actually digging into your calendar and figuring out what do you already have? What do you need to add in and go from there, there may be a lot of skills that you have that you just don't recognize, we tend to be very self critical and think that we don't know how to do stuff and we don't give ourselves credit. Patricia Sung 04:43 So there are going to be things in here they like okay, I do that. That's a good thing. We can apply those skills in new ways. Next, we talk about maintaining the system. You know, we're really good at starting stuff but not so good at sticking with it. So how are we going to set it up so that we will stick With the system. More on that the next video. module seven is finding our patterns, we can use those to our advantage. And then the last calendar section is module eight is the frequently asked questions. Patricia Sung 05:16 Now, there are some parts where mom's had extra questions, but I didn't want to make the module super long because we've HD so if you want to dig more into a certain topic, there are the different FAQs there where you can watch just that section of that video. And it tells you in the video, like if you have this question, it starts at this timestamp. So you can just watch that portion. Patricia Sung 05:35 And then our final module number nine is to do lists. And that covers figuring out this mountainous growing to do list that we always have with when AVG because we don't write it down doesn't exist, right? But how do we actually sort that into something doable? How do we prioritize? How do we figure out like, what do we actually need to do today? And what are things that we can wait on? And what things can we just let go? Patricia Sung 05:56 Okay. So, I'm gonna talk to you our next video about where to find me and your support. But I'm so excited that you are here. Welcome. Congratulations, you're making a difference not only in your life, but in your family's life when you as mom are feeling competent and capable and you feel good about your day that overflows into your family. That ripple effect is huge. So I'm so glad that you're here. I'm so proud of you. Okay, let's dive in. I'll see you next video.